my laundry/mudroom

My most recent ‘completed’ home-improvement project! Nothing really spectacular… certainly NOT like all the DREAM laundry rooms I swooned over on Pinterest! (sigh)

Nevertheless, here’s my freshly painted [updated] laundry/mudroom. The side entrance from the garage into my house… is my mudroom. A small room which measures about 7-feet square, more-or-less, and also does double-duty as my laundry room. Such a dumb concept!! You’ve heard me comment on this before!! The MOST used entrance into the house [the only folks who come to my front door regularly are Jehovah witnesses to spread the Word)… and you get to see my LAUNDRY??!!!!

Now, a heads-up! The pictures aren’t very good because the lighting is awful! Here’s a quickie recap.




dry rack

I was able to use my vintage drying rack (it’s collapsed in the photo). You can also see my ‘existing’ fiberglass laundry tub. Perhaps some day I’ll find an old farmstyle utility tub to replace it!!?? However, I DO plan to go shopping for a new/replacement faucet fixture.


We removed the wallpaper and painted the walls with two coats of a satin paint  called ‘winter wheat’. The ceiling was also re-painted with ‘ivory linen’. As you can see, I did not paint the existing cabinets.


I like the existing tile floor for easy clean-up.

peg coat rackI re-painted the peg coat rack [black] which is mounted on the wall directly behind the door which leads into the kitchen. It’s a catch-all for coats, hats, market bags, etc. We ‘plan’ on replacing the hollow-core doors (and I’ll have to stain/finish them when we do).


…and there you have it! A little bit of paint and elbow grease!

Come on in and stay awhile…!!!

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