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A warm welcome to you from Sheepy Hollow Farm / Wool & Wit LLC.

Our journey began over three decades ago when we purchased land – a former hay-field – during one of our country back-road short cuts. Our 30-acre farmstead has grown and evolved over the ensuing years. We are located off-the-beaten-path in rural Armada Township (in northern Macomb County), at 73910 Coon Creek Road between Armada Center Road and 34 Mile Road, Michigan.


With life’s experiences comes change & growth! Sheepy Hollow Farm is currently home to our daughter’s Kentucky Rocky Mountain Saddle horses and Oberhasli dairy goats, my small flock of Shetland sheep, a few laying hens for fresh eggs, dogs and cats. Our two children are now grown and pursuing life interests. As empty nesters – for all practical reasons – we have significantly downsized both the gardens and barnyard menagerie! After all, how much goat milk/fresh cheese can one consume? My fiber art ‘projects’ including the making of faux pelt felted wool rugs, weaving, spinning, natural dyeing and more… consumes most of my day!

I have also “tweaked” the focus of my farm business (formerly Sheepy Hollow Herbs, LLC) from herbs to fiber art, thus WOOL & WIT, LLC in June 2013. My workshop/studio is located here at the farm residence in an on-site out-building. I continue to raise naturally grown pesticide-free lavender (a best-seller) and variety of herbs, fresh picked and dried/bundled. We use the freshest ingredients in our hand-crafted goat milk soap!

Our workshop/drying barn where we host various workshops and gatherings.


Natural sun-dyed wool yarn with yarrow.

corona2 Shetland wool fleece.

Hand-spun natural colored Shetland.


Basket of farm-raised/mill-spun natural colored Shetland wool yarn.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our farm shop has very limited visiting hours. I APPRECIATE AND PREFER to schedule farm visits in advance by appointment. CDC safety guidelines must be strictly adhered to. ALL visitors must wear masks while indoors!

Please call for additional info at 586-784-8328 ~ OR ~ email me privately at

29 thoughts on “Farm Shop

  1. Hi Jenny,
    I was just at your beautiful home tonight for the 4H meeting. Thanks for hosting! I was speaking to Anne Mills about my home business, Amelie Jo American Baby Boutique. Since you make American goods, I thought that you might want to check out my site and blog. If you ever decide to create a line for babies let me know.
    Best Wishes,

    • Hi Anna! Sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk…or you could have toured my shop. I do some baby items; we should follow-up. My focus has been on my sheepies wool and goat’s milk soap & herbals. Jen

  2. would love to come out and visit your farm this summer. Just read you web site and share your love and enthusiasm for till the earth and loving your animals. Even though I’m a city dweller, my heart is in the country

    • Mary, do plan a visit! There’s always something ‘new’ with every season on the farm. I keep regular shop hours, but welcome drop-ins…plan to call ahead of time to make sure I’m home! Happy Day! Jen

  3. hi jenny, i have a wonderful mlberry tree near the driveway. It is old and almost got wiped out by a late frost a few years ago, but this year it is “bloomin- prolific” .. Would it be a good idea to freeze some of the ripe berries for future dyeing projects ? If i freeze them will the half ripe berries produce the saame color as the ripened fruti ? What do you think—-into the freeze or onto the driveway ??

    • If you have an adventurous soul and love to experiment, it’s into the freezer for future dye projects (ya know, some folks would envy your culinary berry stash for mulberry ‘jam’). I would select the ripened fruit; I’m told salt is a good ‘fixative’ to use with berries. I personally have never dyed w/mulberries. I’d love to hear about your dye results! Dyer’s mulberry is known as fustic, and actually produces yellow’s from the wood chips. Earth Guild is a nice resource for natural dyeing tips and supplies. Happy dyeing!

  4. Hey guys!
    Haven’t heard from you in a while about Cool Cat! I actually lost touch with Katie when my email went down for a while (can’t find her email address). Just wondering how everything has been going with the farm and the horse. It took some thinking but I finally remembered the farms name and found your blog!

    • Hi Mike! Katie said you lost touch…she’ll be happy to hear from you! Cool Cat is doing great. Yesterday he was pawing and ‘rolling’ in a ‘lake’ that flooded his paddock from the recent rain. Silly horse…

  5. All the way from Redlands, CA I visited your incredible farm/shop about maybe 10 years ago or so. My sister, Sherry Gavin, Memphis, knew I’d love to see your woolie pieces you created. I purchased almost 1 of everything, brought them back home and re-sold at our annual rughooking workshop. Do you have any kind of catalog I could view on-line and purchase from for 2016 workshop? Please reply when you have the time. Merry Christmas – be safe – and thankful !!

    • Hello!! I do remember you! HA HA you give me too much organizational credit… a catalog?? I often make one-or-two of a kind… and all ewe-nique and what suits me at the moment. I have an etsy shop but have done poorly in keeping much listed. I’ll see what I can put together after the holidays! Best wishes!!


      • Do you have any of the small white sheep made up for sale? I’d like to purchase 2 of them please. Please advise — Sandra Grasso

      • I think I found a picture somewhere within this area but can’t seem to find it now. Has something been deleted within the past month or two? I actually printed out a picture to show my friends and it went over big. If you could tell me “where to go” (pun intended) or “where to look” to see pictures of what you have for sale I’d be happy to. Sandra Grasso

      • No I’m not. I actually just want it for my dogs😂. But I know no one could insure that people would not drink it. Prices for raw frozen goats milk online are around $140 plus shipping. They love the honest kitchen powder but it’s small and goes fast!

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