Sheep for Sale

Offering for Sale: 2014 Shetland Sheep PET Wethers and EWE LamBs! D.O.B. April 20 thru May 13, 2014

We have 2014 black and moorit ewe and ram pet wether lambs for sale. Serious inquires welcome!

shetland trio for sale

Trio of Shetlands (dam and 2014 twin lambs/wethers). Excellent mama! Private message me for additional info.



2014 Shetland Moorit Ewe Lambs for sale!







reece lambs2014


bella spots


2012 Shetland Ram Lamb WoolyTyme Hawkeye – HST Black

Hawkeye was a triplet, along with twin ewe lambs/sisters.





Bella’s first lambing: triplets, two ewe lambs, ‘WoolyTyme Echo’ (SOLD), ‘WoolyTyme Blink’ (Reserved) and one ram lamb, WoolyTyme Hawkeye born April 24, 2012.

Dove’s white twin ram lambs (WoolyTyme Hulk and Thor (reserved)) born April 27, 2012. Fine single-coat, big boys!

‘WoolyTyme Hulk’ and ‘WoolyTyme Thor’ (reserved).

More views of ‘Hulk’, fine, single coat.


Serendipity’s twin black ewe lambs (one w/krunet marking/pattern) born May 1, 2012…Mystique and Storm.


‘WoolyTyme Storm’ black twin Shetland ewe lamb.





‘WoolyTyme Mystique’, black Shetland twin ewe lamb.


Finally, Reese presented us with twin lambs on cico de Mayo (May 5, 2112): HST moorit yuglet ram WoolyTyme Ironman – SOLD! - and moorit ewe lamb, Andromeda. SOLD! 

I’m very fond of this pair of Shetlands! Ironman & his sweet sister, moorit ewe lamb.

Please convo me with any questions…??? Only serious inquiries please!

2011 NASSA Registered Shetland Ram Lamb WoolyTyme Zephyr fawn katmoget out of ShelteringPines Athos X ShelteringPines Serendipity. Exceptional fine single coat!

Also 2011 registered NASSA Shetland ewe lamb, WoolyTyme Mercedes, black kronet. I’M SOLD!

We have several registered NASSA 2010 Shetland ewes (female) ‘yearlings’ sheep for sale! WE’RE SOLD!

We have a beautiful moorit single coat ewe lamb twin (WoolyTyme Alexanders) and a gray ewe lamb twin (WoolyTyme Ash) for sale. Both are registered Shetlands with NASSA.  I’M SOLD!

This is WoolyTyme Ash, I’M SOLD!

Serious inquiries are always welcome! Convo me for additional info or if you would like to schedule a farm visit.

3 responses to “Sheep for Sale

  1. Jenny,

    is Zephyr still available? How much is he? His horns look good – I can not tell the rear leg set – does he hock in?

  2. Hi Jenny, we love that little black and white baby! We need to come out and check out the babies for sale! Available today or tomrow or next week any day. Thanks!
    Amy Young

    • Hi Amy! He’s a triplet and loves his ‘rubbies’. I have six Shetland wethers available in addition to a few ewe lambs. Sunday I’ll be around the barnyard for a while… and then it’s Fair check-out/release.

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