Sheep for Sale

Sheepy Hollow Farm/ NASSA Woolytyme Shetlands offering for sale:

Happy New Year 2023! We have no sheep (or goats) for sale at this time. Please check back mid-Spring. God bless and keep you safe!


2019 Shetland Wether (castrated ram) Lambs for sale:  SOLD

Ram lambs born April/May 2019. Lambs have been wethered (castrated). Contact directly for additional info. Fiber pets, barnyard companions.


NASSA registered 2017 Shetland ewe lambs for sale!  SOLD

Black and/or white ewe lambs April and May 2017 lambs. Also, one black pet/fiber wether (castrated ram lamb) also offered for sale. ((Not for meat/market lambs.)) Serious inquiries welcome!




Serious inquiries welcome! Send private message.

Sheepy Hollow Farm / Woolytyme Shetlands 2016 lambs S O  L D.

Our 2015 lambs have SOLD!


Black ewe lamb and gulmoget ram lamb.


Moorit ewe lambs and ram lambs for sale!



::: – ::: – ::: –

shetland trio for sale

Trio of Shetlands (dam and 2014 twin lambs/wethers). Excellent mama! Private message me for additional info.  SOLD!


2014 Shetland Moorit Triplets! SOLD!!

Please convo me with any questions…??? Only serious inquiries please!

21 thoughts on “Sheep for Sale

  1. Jenny,

    is Zephyr still available? How much is he? His horns look good – I can not tell the rear leg set – does he hock in?

    • Hi Amy! He’s a triplet and loves his ‘rubbies’. I have six Shetland wethers available in addition to a few ewe lambs. Sunday I’ll be around the barnyard for a while… and then it’s Fair check-out/release.

  2. Hi, I was wondering if you had any male sheep older than 1 year for this thursday 9/24/15. farm raised with natural feed fed. I don’t know if that makes sense. I just don’t want hormone fed sheeps. I would need 2 male sheep on 9/24/15.

  3. Jenny. Hi. We met you at the Woolen Mill tour for 4h back in March up in Frankenmuth. We were wondering if you had any bottle babies, ewes, or whethers for sale this spring? Looking to add another one to our little flock for Garrett, Wyatt or Eleanor to show in 4H. Thank you for any help.

  4. Hi! My name is Cindy Jolbert. I live in Ransomville, NY and I am interested in purchasing a lamb or possibly 2. They would my pets, visit nursing homes, and preschools, and would be stable friends with my alpaca Antonio.

    I was wondering what you have available this spring and the cost.

    I am looking for sweet, calm and a friendly lamb or lambs. I have never owned sheep before but we have a few goats, mini and large horses, poultry, a pet pot belly, an alpaca, and a few other furry friends.

    Thank you!

    Cindy Jolbert
    Shenandoah Acres
    (716) 957-2505

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Thanks for your inquiry. As you know, I raise a small flock of Shetlands for joy and use of their fiber. I do have lambs for sale (I’m behind in my postings) and will contact you privately. (wink)

  5. Hi, My name is Kim Staudacher, the Community Relations Manager at Dutton Farm. We’re looking for some sheep for our farm. Dutton Farm is a non-profit organization, that embodies an adult education program, which is designed around the support of the organization to provide guidance for adults with disabilities as they choose meaningful life engagement, training, and pre-vocational opportunities. As Dutton Farm looks at post pandemic areas, we’re looking at bringing sheep back to our farm for our participants to care for. We are wondering if you have any sheep available. Since we are a non-profit, we’re always looking for donations or at least a cheaper cost if possible. Please let me know if there’s anyway you can help us with bringing sheep back to our farm. Thank you

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