Sheep for Sale

Sheepy Hollow / Woolytyme Shetlands 2015 lambs have arrived!! We are happy to offer three ewe lambs (black and moorit) and three ram and/or wether lambs (black and moorit) for sale!! Serious inquires welcome! ((Not for meat/market lambs.))


Black ewe lamb and gulmoget wether for sale.


Moorit ewe lambs and ram lambs for sale!



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shetland trio for sale

Trio of Shetlands (dam and 2014 twin lambs/wethers). Excellent mama! Private message me for additional info.  SOLD!


2014 Shetland Moorit Triplets! SOLD!!

Please convo me with any questions…??? Only serious inquiries please!

3 thoughts on “Sheep for Sale

  1. Jenny,

    is Zephyr still available? How much is he? His horns look good – I can not tell the rear leg set – does he hock in?

    • Hi Amy! He’s a triplet and loves his ‘rubbies’. I have six Shetland wethers available in addition to a few ewe lambs. Sunday I’ll be around the barnyard for a while… and then it’s Fair check-out/release.

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