Farm Classes

Sheepy Hollow Farm

~ 2021 Hands-on Workshop NONE at this time due to COVID ~

located at

73910 Coon Creek Road, Armada, MI 48005

Send inquiries to:   phone 586-784-8328

I am happy to welcome you to Sheepy Hollow Farm! We are a small family farmstead located in Armada, Michigan, where we raise natural & pesticide-free lavender and other culinary herbs. We also share our farmstead with a small flock of laying chickens (for fresh eggs), dogs as ‘welcome committee’, cats for predator control, my daughter’s Kentucky Rocky Mountain Saddle horses! Our small flock of Shetland sheep and Oberhasli dairy goats provide us with natural colored wool fiber and delicious goat milk, respectively, to create ewe-nique sheepy fiber art, hand felted wool rugs, handcrafted woollies, goat milk soap and herbal sundries. Thanks for supporting our farmstead!

We are excited to be offering various hands-on workshops/lectures/demos throughout the 2015 growing season. All classes will take place on-site (here at Sheepy Hollow Farm). Workshops are typically taught in our ‘Drying Barn’ and/or outdoors, weather permitting! Please wear proper farm/barnyard dress attire!

Classes are designed for ‘beginners’ (that is, all skill levels) and will teach fundamental process and concepts that you may then apply to further your creativity! Many workshops have limited space/seating, so best to reserve your spot early with a half-down non-refundable payment. Classes with less than three (3) students/attendees may be cancelled. I am somewhat flexible and will do my best to accommodate your schedule! I hope to foster friendship, creativity and community!


Drying Barn – Farm Classroom

drying barn

 Drying Barn – Farm Classroom


Class Fee $15 /Material Fee $8 


Learn the basics of wet felting. Material includes wool roving, button embellishment, novelty yarn and pin back. Approx. 1- 1/2 hours.


Class Fee $20/ Material Fee $10

sheepy hollow sheep

Learn the basics of wet felting/needle felting face detail. No two sheep are alike. Material includes wool roving, wool staples and misc. embellishments. Approx. 2 hours.


Class Fee $15 /Material Fee $8


Learn the basics of needle felting – no sewing required. Material includes wool roving and pin back. Approx. 2 hours.


Class Fee $15 /Material Fee $8


Learn the basics of needle felting – no sewing required. Material includes wool roving, wool felt and pin back. Approx. 2 hours.

LOVELY LAVENDER – (Seasonal/July)

Class Fee $20 


Learn about the cultivation of lavender: growing, harvesting, drying and various uses including crafting and culinary use! Students will pick a bundle of lavender to take with (Mid-July/Seasonal). Approx. 2 hours.


Class Fee $20 

Home-made Currant Jelly

Learn the basics of making/preserving jelly (we’ll be using fresh-picked seasonal red currants). Each student will go home with a 4-oz jar of jelly. Approx. 2-hours.


Class Fee $20 / Material Fee $10 

Whether you raise herbs yourself or visit local farm stands piled high with just-picked produce, I hope today’s workshop encourages you to explore and experiment with herbs. Create some herbal magic in your kitchen for yourself or to share as gifts with friends and family! We’ll be tasting herbal ‘treats’ and make a herbal vinegar to take home. Approx. 2 hours.


Class Fee $15

You know you love them, but, do you think you can raise dairy goats? Learn the basics of goatkeeping. Approx. 2 hours.


Class Fee $10 

The word tussie-mussie is an old-fashioned name for a little nosegay of aromatic herbs and flowers. All it takes is a quick trip to your garden to snip a rose or other flower and some stems of fragrant greenery. Learn the language of herbs and flowers. How-to/U-pick make your own tussie-mussie. Approx. 1-hour.

SMUDGING – Seasonal 

Class Fee $10


How-to: Make your own smudge stick. A smudge stick is a bundle of dried herbs, usually bound with string into a small bundle. The herbs are later burned as part of a ritual or ceremony. Approx. 1-1/2 hours.

6 thoughts on “Farm Classes

  1. I got your name from Teemie. Have been experimenting with felting. Would like to see that knows what they are doing. Leaving til und of month to visit grandchildren. Will contact you when I get home. I owned goats, sheep in past. Did handspinning. lockerhook; a little of this and that. Hope to know you soon. Blessings, Denise Fitzgerald, Almont, Michigan

    • Hello Denise! Sorry about that… been TRYING to get a list of classes together! First kidding, then lambing, then waiting on the weather to cooperate… now getting the garden growing! …and ‘visiting’ my mom who’s 89! I’m also trying to work my class schedule into working at Wolcott Farm. I have a class ‘draft’ prepared, but, haven’t published it yet. I’m always leery of dates, weekdays, weekends trying to accommodate everyone.

      Thanks for your interest… I’ll be posting a schedule soon.

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