Kidding Kit


PREPARE your kidding/lambing kit at least 2 weeks before your doe/ewe’s delivery due date! Here’s a list of suggested items:

  • Old towels, rags, etc for drying-off kid/lamb
  • Lubricant, if you have to ‘go in’ to examine doe/assist birth
  • Shoulder length sterile surgical gloves
  • Dental floss – if necessary – to tie-off naval cord
  • Sterile scissors – if necessary – to cut navel (approx 6-inches from the body)
  • 7% iodine – to dip navel (to prevent navel ill)
  • Film canister/small disposable cup to put iodine into for dipping navel
  • Nipples to bottle feed kids (I prefer Pritchard Valve Nipples)
  • Sav-A-Kid Syringe & Feeding Tube – if necessary –  Tube Feeding How-To  ( You just may safe a life! )
  • Colostrum replacer/milk replacer – if necessary
  • BoSe (injection/syringe thru local veterinary) or Selenium & Vitamin E Gel for the prevention and treatment of white muscle disease
  • Black strap molasses ( about 1/4 cup molasses to two gallons of warm water ) for energy for the dam AFTER she has kidded; also useful to smear on kid if she is having trouble bonding with her newborn
  • Organic cod liver oil for signs of Vitamin A/D deficiency – the tendons in their legs appear to be too tight causing them to “knuckle under” as if they were standing on their tip toes; administer about 1/2 tsp of cod liver oil per day for 2-3 days
  • Nutri-drench, corn syrup for pregnancy toxemia or ketosis
  • Small drench (oral via mouth) syringe

For the blessed day, in addition to being prepared, be CONFIDENT. Be there to help, don’t stress and keep your cool. Don’t be over-anxious to help!!! Allow Mother Nature to do the work. Provide a CLEAN area for mom and the babies…lots of CLEAN, dry bedding. It should be draft-free. Allow access to good quality hay (please, NO HAY NETS!) and fresh clean water at all times; position the water bucket so kids do not drown by accident.

Help to dry the kids off (especially in cold weather) with clean dry cloths/towels with attention to the nose and mouth. Help to direct/assist the newborn to mom’s teat for life-saving sips of colostrum! Mom’s milk or milk replacer should be the kids primary source of nutrition for the first three months.

Have a blessed kidding/lambing season!

1 thought on “Kidding Kit

  1. I love your kidding kit. I have one hand so it will be hard for me to tye dental floss to umbillical. You have a lot of fun stuff on your site. I love the name Sheepy Hollow. My web site is my first one and I am still learning. Seems like a lot of times the site won’t let me do what I want to. Its a free site though. I raise Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, Serama and Araucana chickens. The chickens are not on the site yet. I’ll get there eventually. Thnk you for sharing, Judy in Oregon

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