Goats for Sale

We are anxiously awaiting our 2015 Oberhasli dairy goat kids due to arrive in April.

We will offer bucklings for sale – IN TACT  (for a herd sire) – OR – if necessary, castrated as a pet wether. ALL  KIDS are bottle-raised and will be disbudded.

Serious inquiries for 2015 kids are welcome! 2014 KIDS ARE S O L D ! ! 

katie felfie

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Our kids are HAPPY kids! They are raised on CAE preventative program/bottle-raised (even our bucklings/pet wethers!)

katie _goats

SOLD!! FOR SALE: We have two bucklings [and/or pet wethers]: ADGA Kids Play Coriander X Meadowsong Ansel Gaige and Kids Play Cassiopeia X Meadowsong Ansel Gaige

SOLD!! DOELING FOR SALE: ADGA Kids Play Coriander X Meadowsong Ansel Gaige

Please send all inquiries to grdepa@yahoo.com or leave a comment. Visit us at Sheepy Hollow Farm in Armada, MI during regular farm shop hours (Fri/Sat/Sun 11 – 4) or by appointment. All goat kids are disbudded, up-to-date on shots/worming…and looking for a good home!

2012 OBERHASLI Wether FOR SALE –   ‘J.D.’  D.O.B. 4/15/2012   SOLD!

2012 OBERHASLI Wether FOR SALE –   ‘JAGER’  D.O.B. 4/15/2012  SOLD!

2012 OBERHASLI X ALPINE  Wether FOR SALE –   ‘CORONA’  D.O.B. 4/17/2012  SOLD!

2011 Alpine Wethers SOLD – 2011 Registered OBERHASLI Wether SOLD Please send inquiries to grdepa@yahoo.com or visit us at Sheepy Hollow Farm in Armada, MI! 2011 Alpine Buckling SOLD – Alpine Wethers SOLD - 2011 Registered OBERHASLI Wether SOLD Please send inquiries to grdepa@yahoo.com or visit us at Sheepy Hollow Farm in Armada, MI! Also FOR SALE:  SOLD!

Kid’s Play Orion, ADGA Experimental Oberhasli X Alpine Doe, Registration ID E1534203D.O.B. 5/19/2010

Orion was hand-raised/bottle-baby, very affectionate & friendly. Tested CAE-negative. She is handled daily and would make a wonderful 4-H project or loving child’s pet! She LOVES to play! Serious inquiries welcome! Email me privately, please, at grdepa@yahoo.com  SOLD!

We also have 2011 Alpine bucklings and wethers – SOLD! We have an OBERHASLI wether (castrated male) D.O.B.  4/18/11  SOLD!  ‘Dually’ is ADGA registered, handled daily, very friendly, loves people. He’s disbudded, wormed and up-to-date on shots. Available to a good home only! Would make great 4H agility/pack candidate! Please email if interested!

Plan a visit to Sheepy Hollow Farm and see our 2011 goat kids and Shetland lambs! Beware: I may put you to work since there’s plenty chores to go ’round! hee heeWe welcome serious inquiries! Please email me privately at grdepa@yahoo.com

4 thoughts on “Goats for Sale

  1. do you have any 2015 does available? I am new to the goat business. I have 1 nd, 1 mini Nubian kid, 1 la mancha / Nubian,2 pygmy and would love 1 or 2 oberhaslis

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