Goats for Sale

Happy 2023! We have no dairy goats or goat kids for sale this Spring. Please check back for any Shetland sheep/lambs mid-Spring. God bless and keep you safe!


2018 Oberhasli goat kidding season has begun! We have a very small family farm and will be offering goat kids for sale. Please, if you are interested, reserve early! Only two does will freshen this Spring!

Merry’s twins: doeling and buckling D.O.B. April 5, 2018 (2-weeks old in photo).

2017 Oberhasli doelings for sale!! Serious inquiries welcome. NOT for meat! 


Merry’s Oberhasli bucklings and/or ‘pet’ wethers(castrated male)  FOR SALE! Private message me for additional info.  – S O L D – S O L D – S O L D – S O L D – 

2015 Ober kid crop_sheepyhollow

Our 2015 Oberhasli dairy goat kids have arrived! Eowyn produced twin buckings – S O L D –  on April 8, 2015 (one has been reserved/sale pending). Merry (aka Meriadoc Brandybuck) produced triplets on April 24, 2015. She presented us (also a first freshener) with two bucklings and one doeling  – S O L D – .

sheepyhollow merry triplets

We are pleased to offer three bucklings for sale – IN TACT  (for a herd sire) – OR – if necessary, castrated as a pet wether. Eowyn’s bucklings are dam-raised and handled DAILY. Two additional buckling KIDS (Merry’s triplets) are bottle-raised. ALL have been disbudded and will be UTD on shots. Eowyn’s twin bucklings are sold!


Serious inquiries for 2015 kids are welcome! 2014 KIDS ARE S O L D ! ! 

katie felfie

garden help




Our kids are HAPPY kids! They are raised on CAE preventative program/bottle-raised (even our bucklings/pet wethers!)

katie _goats

SOLD!! FOR SALE: We have two bucklings [and/or pet wethers]: ADGA Kids Play Coriander X Meadowsong Ansel Gaige and Kids Play Cassiopeia X Meadowsong Ansel Gaige

SOLD!! DOELING FOR SALE: ADGA Kids Play Coriander X Meadowsong Ansel Gaige

Please send all inquiries to grdepa@yahoo.com or leave a comment. Visit us at Sheepy Hollow Farm in Armada, MI during regular farm shop hours (Fri/Sat/Sun 11 – 4) or by appointment. All goat kids are disbudded, up-to-date on shots/worming…and looking for a good home!

2012 OBERHASLI Wether FOR SALE –   ‘J.D.’  D.O.B. 4/15/2012   SOLD!

2012 OBERHASLI Wether FOR SALE –   ‘JAGER’  D.O.B. 4/15/2012  SOLD!

2012 OBERHASLI X ALPINE  Wether FOR SALE –   ‘CORONA’  D.O.B. 4/17/2012  SOLD!

2011 Alpine Wethers SOLD – 2011 Registered OBERHASLI Wether SOLD Please send inquiries to grdepa@yahoo.com or visit us at Sheepy Hollow Farm in Armada, MI! 2011 Alpine Buckling SOLD – Alpine Wethers SOLD – 2011 Registered OBERHASLI Wether SOLD Please send inquiries to grdepa@yahoo.com or visit us at Sheepy Hollow Farm in Armada, MI! Also FOR SALE:  SOLD!

Kid’s Play Orion, ADGA Experimental Oberhasli X Alpine Doe, Registration ID E1534203D.O.B. 5/19/2010

Orion was hand-raised/bottle-baby, very affectionate & friendly. Tested CAE-negative. She is handled daily and would make a wonderful 4-H project or loving child’s pet! She LOVES to play! Serious inquiries welcome! Email me privately, please, at grdepa@yahoo.com  SOLD!

We also have 2011 Alpine bucklings and wethers – SOLD! We have an OBERHASLI wether (castrated male) D.O.B.  4/18/11  SOLD!  ‘Dually’ is ADGA registered, handled daily, very friendly, loves people. He’s disbudded, wormed and up-to-date on shots. Available to a good home only! Would make great 4H agility/pack candidate! Please email if interested!

Plan a visit to Sheepy Hollow Farm and see our 2011 goat kids and Shetland lambs! Beware: I may put you to work since there’s plenty chores to go ’round! hee hee We welcome serious inquiries! Please email me privately at grdepa@yahoo.com

35 thoughts on “Goats for Sale

  1. do you have any 2015 does available? I am new to the goat business. I have 1 nd, 1 mini Nubian kid, 1 la mancha / Nubian,2 pygmy and would love 1 or 2 oberhaslis

  2. looking for a 2 or 3 of the Oberhaslis. I currently raise myotonic goats. . I live in Kentucky and would be willing to drive. Just let me know. Your pics are too cute. Baby goats rule.
    Tammy Mccoy

    • Thanks! Baby goats rule indeed!!! I’m VERY small and typically only have one doe in milk. This Spring I’ll have two first fresheners. Eowyn produced two bucklings (two weeks old today). Merry is due tomorrow… standing by!!

  3. Looking for a oberhasli goat mailing for milking and starting small herd.
    Do you ship and what would be total cost to Medford, Oregon

    • Hello Anita! I keep a very small herd of Oberhasli dairy goats for family use… typically (not more than) two milkers. All 2015 five Ober kids were sold. I’m sorry I do not ‘ship’ my babies. Did you try the ADGA or AGS or Oberhasli Breeders of America, etc for any local producers?? Best wishes!! I love my Obers!

  4. Looking for 2 goats for our farm. Wanting just for pets. Do you have any available and how much would they be?

  5. Hi my name is Tracey I’m looking for two baby’s oberhasli a female and a male for my ranch we have so much room and space we also have sheep they would be pets and a great herding companions for our sheep please contact me thank you my number is 707 393 8184 thank you so much

  6. Whats the price. I’m looking to buy one without breeder papers i wont need those don’t plan on breeding my goat im gonna buy a mini Oberhasli female because thats what my dad said i can buy

    I read that pygmy goats are ton more vocal than this mini Oberhasli so im gonna go with the mini Oberhasli goat if theres a chance i can’t find a mini Oberhasli goat I’ll buy the American pygmy goat and say screw my neighbors because they all like shooting they’re guns and i don’t so a little goat screaming ain’t gonna hurt they’re ears

    • Hi Mike! I’m sorry, but I have no goats for sale. I currently own three Oberhasli goats (two does and a wether). Years ago we got involved with goats because I wanted to make cheese. My daughter became involved in 4H (she’s an adult now). We’ve owned Alpine, Obers and our FIRST goat was a Pygmy doe. I will say, the Pygmy was not vocal at all. The females in general may be vocal during breeding season. A mini Ober may be difficult to find in this area. Check the various goat registries and 4H office for potential local breeders. IF you have NO PLANS to breed, I would suggest purchasing a wether (castrated male) at usually less cost than a breeding female. Also, the goat kid should be disbudded. It’s best to consider two goats for companionship. Best wishes!

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