fully functional [laundry room]


It may be c-c-cold outside (yesterday’s high temp), but there’s plenty to keep me busy inside!! My dear friends, I have a fully functional laundry room [mudroom] once again! WOOT! As I write, I have another load of laundry in the washing machine… the bucket-full of towels from our little plumbing mishap!

It took all of MLK Day (this past Monday) for The Hubs to fabricate a custom fit dryer vent from sheet metal to replace the former plastic hose and reconnect the water lines with stainless steel fittings and laundry tub and verify NO leaks!

Nevertheless, all’s well. My closet and laundry room/mudroom is freshly painted ( w/color ‘winter wheat’) and clean! Still, we plan to purchase two new doors and probably replace the existing faucet on my old utility tub with an upscaled ‘gooseneck’. Secretly, I’ll be on the look-out for that perfectly perfect old farmhouse doors and a farmhouse utility sink?! (sigh)

Did you want to see a picture or two…it’s really not that big of a deal…but, as soon as we re-hang the wall peg rack and vintage clothes drying rack (if it fits?), I’ll post a photo.

Lessons Learned: 1) Even though the water supply line is turned-off, water flows downhill (duh??) from the second floor pipes/drains! Be prepared before you disconnect hoses! 2) Dryer ‘vents’ [discharging the clothes dryer air stream to the outdoors] are THE worst designed contraption!!! The [freezing] cold air weeping through the temporarily plugged ‘hole’ to the outside did NOT allow the paint to dry/cure properly in the near vicinity. We had to set-up a little electric space heater to dry the paint on the wall by the dryer vent so that we could continue with our project! 3) NEVER trust the diagram on the box to actually represent what’s inside!! The Hubs had purchased a new sheet metal dryer vent (actually quite some time ago) to replace our old flexible hose thingy! It was more streamlined and would allow us to push the clothes dryer further against the wall. BUT, the actual configuration of the vent was completely different from the picture on the box… and WE never thought to look inside the box until NOW!?? Who knew…???

Now, for my next trick, ahem, project, I’d like to re-do my foyer… stripping the last of ALL/ANY remaining wallpaper in the house and re-painting!! That’s not so much, is it??

2 thoughts on “fully functional [laundry room]

  1. You are definitely one busy woman. I am still trying to get back to the barn and clean. Remodeling my daughters old school house. All major stuff done. I am sure thankful for my wife, I can not run rafters like I use to. We will be back on our old farm house this spring. You are are doping a fine job.

    • Hello Dave! Oh my, there’s ALWAYS something to do…much to hubby’s ‘chagrin’ (hahaha). I’m feeling it in my old bones though! I’m also thankful for my hubs, as much as you are for your wife! I wish I could DO more on my own. Teamwork is the key to a happy marriage!! 🙂

      How fun (and MUCH WORK) to re-do an old school house and farm house, but I’m sure it will be wonderful!

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