adding ‘personality’

Hello! If you follow me or visit from time-to-time, you know I’ve recently ‘freshened’ my laundry/mudroom. The freshening, as I call it, consisted of several minor/low investments: 1/a little elbow grease to strip the wallpaper and scrub the walls, 2/repaint the ceiling and walls 3/repaint the peg coat rack 4/install a new [lower profile] dryer vent 5/new stainless steel water supply lines to the washing machine 6/mount a vintage drying rack above the utility tub and 7/build additional shelf/install hooks [and repaint] the closet.

We still PLAN to purchase new solid wood doors to replace the hollow core builder’s standard…and I’d like a new faucet too? I’ll secretly be on the look-out for an awesome vintage utility tub. [sigh]

So, why bring ALL this up AGAIN!!!!???? Well, ‘cuz I needed to add a wee little bit of me……

sheepy hollow ceramic sign

Everyone knows that I’m nutz about SHEEP…so, I repurposed my ceramic sheep sign [hanging in my farm shop] here, above the door to announce that a crAzY sheep lady lives here!! The ‘black’ ceramic also ties-in nicely with my coat peg rack. hee hee

But, that’s not all.

sheepyhollow tushy cushy

I needed a SHEEP to go with my sign!! So, I made a sheepy tushy cushy…for this old stool. For grins, I painted the legs of the stool for feet. bwahahaha

Here it is all-together!

sheepyhollow laundry room

Now, that’s MUCH better!!! Come back, and I’ll tell you how I made my stash-busting, no-sew, kid friendly ‘sheepy tushy cushy’!

my laundry/mudroom

My most recent ‘completed’ home-improvement project! Nothing really spectacular… certainly NOT like all the DREAM laundry rooms I swooned over on Pinterest! (sigh)

Nevertheless, here’s my freshly painted [updated] laundry/mudroom. The side entrance from the garage into my house… is my mudroom. A small room which measures about 7-feet square, more-or-less, and also does double-duty as my laundry room. Such a dumb concept!! You’ve heard me comment on this before!! The MOST used entrance into the house [the only folks who come to my front door regularly are Jehovah witnesses to spread the Word)… and you get to see my LAUNDRY??!!!!

Now, a heads-up! The pictures aren’t very good because the lighting is awful! Here’s a quickie recap.




dry rack

I was able to use my vintage drying rack (it’s collapsed in the photo). You can also see my ‘existing’ fiberglass laundry tub. Perhaps some day I’ll find an old farmstyle utility tub to replace it!!?? However, I DO plan to go shopping for a new/replacement faucet fixture.


We removed the wallpaper and painted the walls with two coats of a satin paint  called ‘winter wheat’. The ceiling was also re-painted with ‘ivory linen’. As you can see, I did not paint the existing cabinets.


I like the existing tile floor for easy clean-up.

peg coat rackI re-painted the peg coat rack [black] which is mounted on the wall directly behind the door which leads into the kitchen. It’s a catch-all for coats, hats, market bags, etc. We ‘plan’ on replacing the hollow-core doors (and I’ll have to stain/finish them when we do).


…and there you have it! A little bit of paint and elbow grease!

Come on in and stay awhile…!!!

fully functional [laundry room]


It may be c-c-cold outside (yesterday’s high temp), but there’s plenty to keep me busy inside!! My dear friends, I have a fully functional laundry room [mudroom] once again! WOOT! As I write, I have another load of laundry in the washing machine… the bucket-full of towels from our little plumbing mishap!

It took all of MLK Day (this past Monday) for The Hubs to fabricate a custom fit dryer vent from sheet metal to replace the former plastic hose and reconnect the water lines with stainless steel fittings and laundry tub and verify NO leaks!

Nevertheless, all’s well. My closet and laundry room/mudroom is freshly painted ( w/color ‘winter wheat’) and clean! Still, we plan to purchase two new doors and probably replace the existing faucet on my old utility tub with an upscaled ‘gooseneck’. Secretly, I’ll be on the look-out for that perfectly perfect old farmhouse doors and a farmhouse utility sink?! (sigh)

Did you want to see a picture or two…it’s really not that big of a deal…but, as soon as we re-hang the wall peg rack and vintage clothes drying rack (if it fits?), I’ll post a photo.

Lessons Learned: 1) Even though the water supply line is turned-off, water flows downhill (duh??) from the second floor pipes/drains! Be prepared before you disconnect hoses! 2) Dryer ‘vents’ [discharging the clothes dryer air stream to the outdoors] are THE worst designed contraption!!! The [freezing] cold air weeping through the temporarily plugged ‘hole’ to the outside did NOT allow the paint to dry/cure properly in the near vicinity. We had to set-up a little electric space heater to dry the paint on the wall by the dryer vent so that we could continue with our project! 3) NEVER trust the diagram on the box to actually represent what’s inside!! The Hubs had purchased a new sheet metal dryer vent (actually quite some time ago) to replace our old flexible hose thingy! It was more streamlined and would allow us to push the clothes dryer further against the wall. BUT, the actual configuration of the vent was completely different from the picture on the box… and WE never thought to look inside the box until NOW!?? Who knew…???

Now, for my next trick, ahem, project, I’d like to re-do my foyer… stripping the last of ALL/ANY remaining wallpaper in the house and re-painting!! That’s not so much, is it??

i’d rather be…

… doing ANYTHING… other than painting our laundry room! [visit Kara Rosenlund here for a sweet diversion!]!!


Who knew a laundry/mudroom minor make-over  – a room which measures a mere **** 7 X 7-foot ****  could be so……painful? Our weekends are usually reserved for home improvement ‘projects’. This weekend we are tackling painting the laundry room walls. Wallpaper has been stripped and walls washed and prepared to receive paint [catch-up here]. In order to do this, we also had to move the washing machine and dryer away from the wall to get BEHIND them. ICK!! Major filth/dust accumulation!

We also had to unfasten/un-bolt the utility tub from the tile floor. OK, no problemo. And, finally, disconnect the hot & cold water supply lines to the washing machine. The COLD water was no problem. However, the HOT water supply line was a nightmare!! Major corrosion build-up made it impossible(!!!!) to disconnect the simple screw-type hose fitting. We ended up breaking the solder joint and had to replace the fitting (requiring several trips back and forth to our local ACE Hardware store).

MAJOR gusher people!!!! Even with the water supply turned-off… duh…we overlooked the simple dynamics…that water drains via gravity from our second floor supply pipelines [uphill to downhill] through this now open cut CANAL!! …and out and onto my wood kitchen floor and onto, through down into the basement… GEEEEEEZ!!!! What a mess!

Battle stations! Battle stations! All TOWELS on deck!!! YUK again!! Needless to say, my floors are really clean now! My hands are all cut-up and bloody from scrubbing sharp metal edges on the back-side of the washer/dryer too. 😦

After all that mess, did I mention we had to solder a new copper fitting for the hot water supply? It looks so EASY on all the home improvement shows… forget it!!! Soldering/sweating pipes requires SKILLZ people!! A spool of solder later, The Hubs ended up with a ‘push-on’ fitting or something…don’t ask me, cuz he was snarling at everyone/everything by then!

Finally, at about 4 p.m. we got to painting the walls beginning with cut-in and then rolling the first coat. Today [Sunday], we’ll finish with an ‘uneventful’ (I hope) second coat of paint… that is, AFTER our 4-H goat project meeting!

Happy Day…. when we’re finally done with the laundry room???????????

laundry/mudroom [update]


We’re making a bit of progress on my laundry[mudroom] re-do! Over the weekend, we built an additional shelf [for storage] in the coat closet and installed a few hooks for hanging odds-and-ends. The closet has been painted and ‘re-assembled’. We also painted the laundry room ceiling and buffed and polished the light fixture. Hubs has been shopping for solid wood/raised panel replacement doors. I still keep a list of door measurements in my purse [when I go antiquing], just in case… lol.

I’ve also painted a peg coat rack that will be reinstalled once the laundry room walls are painted. That’s the next big job for this coming weekend [most jobs around here happen on the weekend!]. It’s a big job because we have to move the washing machine and dryer and paint around the utility tub… and then move everything back in place so we can use the service door. UGH! [I don’t think I’ll paint the cabinets.]

Sidebar – you’re probably wondering about the picture? That’s our pet Pygmy goat, Oreo. She was a flea market impulse buy many [+14 ??] years ago! Sweet Oreo was my very first goat… long before I ever knew anything about goats!! She’s a hardy little stinker!!!

and we’re off [the wallpaper, that is]

I have itchy fingers…and so it begins! My laundry room/mudroom ((the side entrance from the garage into my house)) is getting a ‘freshening’. After almost twenty years [really????], the wallpaper is coming down!!!!

laundry rm

Goodbye…apples, country blue stripes and red barns/silos…


It takes NO time at all… for me to make a blessed mess!!! I even have a load of laundry going in the machine. Now that’s called MULTI-TASKING. 🙂


There’s NOT a whole lot of exciting improvements happening here. Most will be cosmetic. My mismatched washing machine (a hand-me-down) and clothes dryer will stay. I’m thankful they’re operational! I’d love a new farmstyle utility sink (soapstone would be awesome!!!) but, the icky fiberglass will probably remain. Happy to have a utility tub. I do like the existing tile floor. That’s something!

The walls/ceiling will be re-painted. I still can’t seem to make up my mind to paint the wood cabinets…hmmm??? Hubs will build a few additional shelves in the closet for storage. I’ll take down all the vintage wire rug-beaters and hang an antique folding clothes dryer over the utility tub instead.

If I’m lucky, perhaps I’ll replace the hollow-core door which leads into my kitchen with an antique/raised panel solid wood door… to add a little farmhouse charm??? I’ve tried THAT in the past, but The Hubs gets upset with me, cuz the size NEVER matches and the hinges are wrong…the paint probably has toxic lead in it…blah blah blah. I know, I know. But, if I can’t live in an old farmhouse, can I pleeeese make it look – just a little bit – like an old farmhouse??

So, we’ll just see what we finally end-up with…I’ll keep you posted!


Laundry Room

Gardening chores are winding down and I’m already contemplating ‘winter’ projects. One that’s long overdue – and I’m totally pumped about – is tackling my laundry room. Now, my house side-entrance [mind you, it’s the entrance most used] is thru the garage and directly into our mud room {aka laundry room}! What a stupid design idea… who wants to see laundry upon entering your humble abode???

It would make more sense (to me) to squirrel it away in some interior house space (I’d relegate it to the basement if I wasn’t getting up in years – hahaha). I have to admit, there’s NOT much I can do with my laundry room which consists of washer, dryer, single utility tub and bank of ‘builder’s standard’ (another word for cheap) overhead cabinets. I do like the subway tile flooring.

My laundry room re-do will basically consist of stripping off the wallpaper, re-painting the walls and possibly PAINTING the existing cabinets [to brighten the space], add more shelving to the closet, and replace the ‘fiberglass utility tub’ with a charming vintage tub [yet to be found!!!].

If only I had more SPACE to work with… I would l.o.v.e. a huge utilitarian farm sink and a window for natural light too! A work table (for folding laundry AND a parking zone for groceries) would be awesome.




It’s fun to dream, isn’t it???