i’d rather be…

… doing ANYTHING… other than painting our laundry room! [visit Kara Rosenlund here for a sweet diversion!]!!


Who knew a laundry/mudroom minor make-over  – a room which measures a mere **** 7 X 7-foot ****  could be so……painful? Our weekends are usually reserved for home improvement ‘projects’. This weekend we are tackling painting the laundry room walls. Wallpaper has been stripped and walls washed and prepared to receive paint [catch-up here]. In order to do this, we also had to move the washing machine and dryer away from the wall to get BEHIND them. ICK!! Major filth/dust accumulation!

We also had to unfasten/un-bolt the utility tub from the tile floor. OK, no problemo. And, finally, disconnect the hot & cold water supply lines to the washing machine. The COLD water was no problem. However, the HOT water supply line was a nightmare!! Major corrosion build-up made it impossible(!!!!) to disconnect the simple screw-type hose fitting. We ended up breaking the solder joint and had to replace the fitting (requiring several trips back and forth to our local ACE Hardware store).

MAJOR gusher people!!!! Even with the water supply turned-off… duh…we overlooked the simple dynamics…that water drains via gravity from our second floor supply pipelines [uphill to downhill] through this now open cut CANAL!! …and out and onto my wood kitchen floor and onto, through down into the basement… GEEEEEEZ!!!! What a mess!

Battle stations! Battle stations! All TOWELS on deck!!! YUK again!! Needless to say, my floors are really clean now! My hands are all cut-up and bloody from scrubbing sharp metal edges on the back-side of the washer/dryer too. 😦

After all that mess, did I mention we had to solder a new copper fitting for the hot water supply? It looks so EASY on all the home improvement shows… forget it!!! Soldering/sweating pipes requires SKILLZ people!! A spool of solder later, The Hubs ended up with a ‘push-on’ fitting or something…don’t ask me, cuz he was snarling at everyone/everything by then!

Finally, at about 4 p.m. we got to painting the walls beginning with cut-in and then rolling the first coat. Today [Sunday], we’ll finish with an ‘uneventful’ (I hope) second coat of paint… that is, AFTER our 4-H goat project meeting!

Happy Day…. when we’re finally done with the laundry room???????????

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