laundry/mudroom [update]


We’re making a bit of progress on my laundry[mudroom] re-do! Over the weekend, we built an additional shelf [for storage] in the coat closet and installed a few hooks for hanging odds-and-ends. The closet has been painted and ‘re-assembled’. We also painted the laundry room ceiling and buffed and polished the light fixture. Hubs has been shopping for solid wood/raised panel replacement doors. I still keep a list of door measurements in my purse [when I go antiquing], just in case… lol.

I’ve also painted a peg coat rack that will be reinstalled once the laundry room walls are painted. That’s the next big job for this coming weekend [most jobs around here happen on the weekend!]. It’s a big job because we have to move the washing machine and dryer and paint around the utility tub… and then move everything back in place so we can use the service door. UGH! [I don’t think I’ll paint the cabinets.]

Sidebar – you’re probably wondering about the picture? That’s our pet Pygmy goat, Oreo. She was a flea market impulse buy many [+14 ??] years ago! Sweet Oreo was my very first goat… long before I ever knew anything about goats!! She’s a hardy little stinker!!!

5 thoughts on “laundry/mudroom [update]

    • Hello Fred! Our house was built in 1989 and has ‘builders standard’ hollow-core doors throughout the house. I had hoped to replace the doors over time…and since, two decades have past! LOL
      The laundry/mudroom closet door is a 2-panel bi-fold and measures 17-3/4″ X 79″. The doorway…into the hall/kitchen area is 31-3/4″ X 79-1/2″. The Hubs has been looking at Home Depot & Lowes. Do you have a ‘stash’ of doors?? 🙂

  1. Sure seems like a lot of work but probably looks good for some time to come.Question for you, trying to locate the rosemary shortbread recipe thought I saved it but guess I did not ! thought it was a pinerest but can’t find on that site. If you have it could you sent to my e-mail .Thank you.cheryl

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