Monday morning

It’s 7 a.m. and my kitchen smells of garlic and basil! Mondays I visit my mom. At 88 years old young, I worry about her eating properly. Even though she still ‘cooks’ for my brothers when they visit [a very good thing!], I like to bring her a prepared meal. A simple basil pesto/linguine is a sure thing…requiring only a few ingredients. Granted, not as delish as fresh-picked, but, pretty good when I use my preserved pesto, garden tomatoes and frozen feta goat cheese.

This past Saturday evening, Katie, The Hubs and I brought the birthday fix’ns to ma’s house to celebrate her 88th birthday. [From there], hubs went on to a business party, which I regretfully declined. Ma said I shouldn’t let him go alone because some young chick may make a move on him! Too funny!! While we were there ‘partying’, my nephew from Philly called Grandma to wish her a happy birthday! So sweet!

I finished my locker hook sheep project over the weekend. At the moment, it’s dark and rainy, making for poor lighting and picture-taking, but I’ll be sure to post a photo or two later. I’m having second thoughts on stitching [kind of like applique] it to my wet felted ‘piece’. Hmmm…must re-think.

The balance of my weekend was spent CLEANING, sorting through, organizing and tossing. We began [again] to work on the ‘workroom’ space in the basement [more on that later]. It’s good to go through a thorough cleansing, mind and soul, to help move on to new projects/stages of life! I easily spent half the day Sunday CLEANing our bedroom closet [which not only serves as clothes storage…but somehow over the years, has become a back-up CRAFT supply room!!!]. Sheeeesh!!! What was I thinking!!! EVIL EVIL JoAnn’s & Michael’s discount coupons…

Last, I’d like to leave you with an image of a wonderfully gifted young lady, Ariele. A talented and brave artist to be sure… and her latest do-over project!


Perhaps I’ll use Ariele’s block cut pattern to inspire me for my next locker hook project??? Happy day!!

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