My latest flea market find… a back-to-school desk!! WOOT!!

katie desk

Katie wants a desk for her bedroom apartment when she returns to E Lansing in the fall. At home, it’s not unusual to park and do homework at the kitchen table! [ Our kitchen has always been a beehive of activity! ]

The desk is in excellent condition and the price was R I G H T !! The difficulty will be agreeing on a make-over design. I defer to Barb Blair at Knack Studios. Her book and portfolio provide loads of inspiration!

I’m feeling pressured :: with the Armada Fair less than two weeks away :: to get all my projects completed in time. YIKES!!

Hurry. Hurry.


Monday morning

It’s 7 a.m. and my kitchen smells of garlic and basil! Mondays I visit my mom. At 88 years old young, I worry about her eating properly. Even though she still ‘cooks’ for my brothers when they visit [a very good thing!], I like to bring her a prepared meal. A simple basil pesto/linguine is a sure thing…requiring only a few ingredients. Granted, not as delish as fresh-picked, but, pretty good when I use my preserved pesto, garden tomatoes and frozen feta goat cheese.

This past Saturday evening, Katie, The Hubs and I brought the birthday fix’ns to ma’s house to celebrate her 88th birthday. [From there], hubs went on to a business party, which I regretfully declined. Ma said I shouldn’t let him go alone because some young chick may make a move on him! Too funny!! While we were there ‘partying’, my nephew from Philly called Grandma to wish her a happy birthday! So sweet!

I finished my locker hook sheep project over the weekend. At the moment, it’s dark and rainy, making for poor lighting and picture-taking, but I’ll be sure to post a photo or two later. I’m having second thoughts on stitching [kind of like applique] it to my wet felted ‘piece’. Hmmm…must re-think.

The balance of my weekend was spent CLEANING, sorting through, organizing and tossing. We began [again] to work on the ‘workroom’ space in the basement [more on that later]. It’s good to go through a thorough cleansing, mind and soul, to help move on to new projects/stages of life! I easily spent half the day Sunday CLEANing our bedroom closet [which not only serves as clothes storage…but somehow over the years, has become a back-up CRAFT supply room!!!]. Sheeeesh!!! What was I thinking!!! EVIL EVIL JoAnn’s & Michael’s discount coupons…

Last, I’d like to leave you with an image of a wonderfully gifted young lady, Ariele. A talented and brave artist to be sure… and her latest do-over project!


Perhaps I’ll use Ariele’s block cut pattern to inspire me for my next locker hook project??? Happy day!!

take it to the curb.

Ink drawing by me. Based on some of Howard Pyle’s work, text from the poem Wooden Heart by Listener.

via here

I’ve been working tirelessly in my workshop…taking content to the curb [figuratively, that is, since we don’t have roadside trash pick-up]. Distributing/recycling and some disposing… still purging… not only physically, but emotionally as well!

I think the ‘purging’ should [perhaps, must] begin within. So, BEGIN there, and remove all doubt! You can do it too!

Perhaps in another week (or two), I’ll share where I’m headed. Perhaps I’ll have a better idea myself! (hahaha)

re-inventing [myself]

re·in·vent (rn-vnt) tr.v. re·in·vent·ed, re·in·vent·ing, re·in·vents

1. To make over completely.
2. To bring back into existence or use.

I must tell you that I haven’t been sleeping very well the past week or two. Mostly because of aches and pains from my little accident – ya know – falling off the rowing machine ‘seat’ ((which I used as a step-stool to reach the top shelf!)). I know… really [underscored] STUPID!

But, it’s been more than that. I’ve been drifting since my dad passed away two years ago. I worry about my mom (who’s 87). I’ve been – for the most part – a recluse, staying close to home, lying low, content with chores, milking my goats and playing with wooly sheep!

For the last six-months [or more], I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching, perhaps praying for divine intervention, waiting, observing. I’ve even considered going back-to-work (applied for a real job – oh, the horror)! Mostly during the wee hours of the morning, I visit b l o g l a n d, and have ‘met’ some VERY interesting [and oh so talented] folks! Oh, how they inspire!!!

Well, I’ve been an engineer for 23-years, a wife for 23-years, a mom for 21-years and a small business owner (albeit farmstead business) for about 11-years. Another year and my ‘Katie-lady’ graduates from high school and will be off to college (along with her brother). Perhaps it’s time I grab myself by the  bootstraps and re·in·vent myself… and it all begins with a can of paint!

I invite you to come along for the ride…