2 thoughts on “Fresh.Organic.Lavender

  1. I harvested my lavender about 2 weeks ago. I have Provence and Grossa. I plan to make more soap with some of the blossoms. My goat kids are growing well and all the meat lambs have been sold. We bought another buck kid this spring from Addi-Hill Alpines here in Ohio. Mary’s bloddlines seem to cross well with ours. So far I have made Cheddar, Chevre, Feta and Ricotta from the milk, and yes yogurt.

    • Hi Tari! I’ve been harvesting my lavender for about a week or more…but should have been picking earlier! I have Hidcote and Munstead, some Grosso (but it doesn’t do so well here in MI for me). I PRUNED my lav field heavily this Spring, so my harvest there is minimal. My 6 bucklings are all sold except one Oberhasli – we wethered him. Hubby won’t let me keep a buck. Dually is so sweeeeet! I’ve also sold all my Alpines, and my sweet ORION (OBEXAlpine) went to a farm in Columbus Ohio. We’re keeping her twin, Cassiopia. I’m down to one milker now. I’d love to make farmhouse cheddar…is it difficult? What’s your secret to yogurt-making w/goat milk? I have a few Shetlands I’m trying to sell…but in no hurry. lol 🙂

      I wish we were neighbors!!!

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