Lambs ‘play’ too!

I managed to snap a few pics of my Shetland lambs playing ‘King of the Mountain’.

Three’s a crowd!

Aston defending his position.

Everyone wants a turn.

‘Electra’ is sold.

‘Zephyr’ is a handsome fawn katmoget ram lamb…looking for a good home!

‘Chevelle’ is sold (to a family with her sister, Electra).

‘Aston Martin’ will remain on the farm. 

Zephyr has nice conformation and a beautiful fine single coat – out of Sheltering Pines Athos X Sheltering Pines Serendipity.

Uh oh, I’m missing ‘Mercedes’!? She’s a very nice black ewe lamb (with white marking on her head/kronet), twin to Aston — also looking for a good home. She escaped my photo shoot!

Here she is…ta da – ‘Mercedes’. She’s ready for ‘adoption’!

It’s difficult to get any work done around the barnyard. Seems I’m always ‘playing’ with the lambs and kids.

Honestly, who could resist?

Take time to play and have a nice day!

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