Not so FAT Tuesday?

This is so funny…I bought a dozen assorted – jam, custard, etc – paczki (we call them gut grenades!) to celebrate ‘Fat Tuesday’ while out running errands with my mom yesterday. I spread the wealth and left a few with mom, then on to my sis…

The four sinful custard-filled, so I thought, were actually ‘EMPTY’…somehow these hollow paczki got missed during the filling part of the production(?) line. LOL

I guess there’s a subliminal message there??? Who needs the extra calories anyway? Still, disappointing for a once-a-year-traditional splurge! Shall I return them for a refund???

Happy PACZKI Day!

5 thoughts on “Not so FAT Tuesday?

  1. I definitely would have been disappointed! We had paczki at a Polish dinner hosted at a Polish Catholic church down in Hamtramck Saturday night. We brought a few home for breakfast on Sunday, so I am refraining from having one on the traditional day for them. (unless Mike happens to bring some home with him) 🙂 Happy Paczki Day! (do you have Polish blood, Jenny? I am 100% Polish!)

  2. OH GEESH, that sounds like something that would happen to me. Did the give away ones all have filling??? I think you deserve a “do-over”. Happy Shrove Tuesday!!!

  3. Oh, too funny. My husband just loves these. My favorites used to be the prune filled ones, but I can’t eat donuts anymore…they don’t agree with my head and stomach. So, I just enjoy watching him eat them. Glad you got some more that were ‘filled’. (:

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