One for the memory book…

I can’t  say enough about Tracy, the new owner of two of my Shetland ewe lambs! My girls couldn’t have a nicer home! I’ll have to save-the-date for the Detroit Kennel Club Dog Show Herding Demo Weekend! That’s Tracy in the show ring with her working Kelpies and her flock of sheepies. Alex and Ash made the first-time road trip too! Tracy said the girls were a big hit with the crowd! That’s Alex in front…leading the flock…I think she wants hugs from Tracy…and Ash (black-faced little ewe) is right behind Alex.
Congrats Tracy! Of course, and to your Kelpies!
You can learn more about Tracy and her beautiful herding Kelpies at 

2 thoughts on “One for the memory book…

  1. I’m so amazed by dogs that actually herd! My beast isn’t a herding breed but he does have a fondness for his chickens. 🙂

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