New Beginnings…

Use the time to muse over your successes and failures, and jot them down, lest you forget. Plants to order. Plants to ditch. Plants to move, and plants to give away to those who’ve been wise enough to admire them.     Alan Titchmarsh

Whether you’re a gardener or not, I find this sentiment appropriate this time of year as we snuggle indoors and peek outside through frosted windows. We can all benefit from a little Spring cleaning! Hmmm…

Speaking of change, I am so excited about taking a ‘Learn to Weave in a Week! class at Heritage Spinning and Weaving. (Heritage is an awesome shop in Lake Orion, MI where all us fiber junkies hang out!)  The intense weaving class begins next week and runs Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. I’ll try to report back on how it’s going. I’m hoping to gain more confidence to take-on weaving as part of my fiber’n repertoire.

The past week has simply flown by – all the holiday decorations are packed away. I got together with a spinning buddy to spin. It’s a great time to enjoy each other’s company and be productive at the same time! Deb is a recent “retiree” from the auto industry – a casulty of Michigan’s economy. We pencil-in the first Wed of the month to get together to spin. New spinners are always welcome!

I also just finished needle felting a wild floral embellishment on a handknitted & felted big beautiful bag for a friend at Heritage. I’ll take a pic of it and post it soon. So, I guess I’m open to the idea of custom orders… Last October I attended a goat workshop with my daughter. One of the presenters at the workshop gave a talk on raising Angora goats. He had needle felted an Angora goat logo on a denim jean jacket for his wife. IT WAS AWESOME. So, the first thing I did when I got home was rifle thru the closets and grabbed a couple of my son’s denim jackets – and layed claim to them!!! I’ve been sorting in my mind what exactly I’m going to needle felt??? One will most likely have our original Holy & Nelly dairy goats/farm logo and the other something to do with our Shetland flock. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Until then…blessings,  Jen



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