Latest Projects…

As promised, here’s a pic of the bag that I needle felted for a friend. The bag is knitted with Lamb’s Pride Bulky wool & mohair and then felted in the washing machine. What do you think?

Maureen's Felted Bag

Maureen's Felted Bag

2 thoughts on “Latest Projects…

    • Hi!
      Thanks for visiting. The bag was knit by my friend for a bday present for her niece. She used 2 strands Lamb’s Pride Bulky (wool/mohair). I can inquire further re her purchased pattern. She doesn’t like needle felting particularly…so she asked me to embellish her bag for her. She had a bag of Louet pencil roving (Northern Lightes, I think) and I added bits of wool roving from my stash with novelty yarns (eyelash), mohair, romney locks for texture & interest. The roving for the bright green ‘leaves’ are dyed with kool-aid! The needle-felting ‘pattern’ is free-hand…my creativity gone wild. Feel free to use as inspiration! Jen

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