2 thoughts on “Arya and Zeak: friends

  1. Hi Jenny. I was going to send you a private message but I don’t think I can so I just decided to comment on something! This is Stacy, you sent the Kombucha to me. Thank you SO much!!! You really made my day, I’ve been wanting to taste it for a while before buying the starter kit and it was delicious! That was so nice of you. I’ve been looking around on the site. In the least creepy way possible… I’m obsessed with you!!! I dream of living on a farm with a big garden area and having everything that you have. I’m going to subscribe to your blog and I’m super excited about it. Thank you so much again!


    • Hello Stacy!

      Nice to ‘meet’ you! I’ve heard lots about you thru Katie… the nice lady w/the carrot tattoo!! (;

      I’m happy you like the kombucha, my first batch!! I was introduced to several variations of kombucha by two young ladies at Dairy Days/Wolcott Farm. Oh my the jasmine ginger is YUM!! I purchased their starter kit for $45… and have been on a quest to find LOCAL key ingredients (organic black tea and evaporated organic cane sugar) when I run out of the starter kit. They’ll be teaching fermenting workshops at Wolcott Farm later this summer too!

      Hang on to your dream of owning a farm! You can do it!! In the meantime, come visit and ‘soak up’ all the farm lov’n you can — as often as you like!!!!



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