Part II: [katie’s] bathroom make-over

We’ve been on hiatus since Katie’s bedroom make-over [Part I]. Not that we haven’t been busy…there’s always plenty chores to be tackled on the farm [especially with the changing of the season]!! Around our house, there’s a seemingly never-ending To-Do list that is continuously re-prioritized! The need to winterize the barn took us by surprise. It’s much too cold much too soon! BLAH!!

…and every year, Christmas seems to arrive more quickly than expected! It feels like I just made Thanksgiving dinner after all!!!

Katie  will be arriving has arrived home from college for the holidays ~ much much ~ sooner than later! Looking at the calendar, I had a narrow window of opportunity to re-do Katie’s bathroom. Nothing major: a thorough deep-cleaning, freshly painted walls and new bath accessories.

It’s the Part II of ‘Katie goes off to college transition!’ She has taken occupancy of one (of the two second floor) bathrooms ever since she has been capable of maintaining/cleaning it! That was the #1 condition!

Without further ado, here’s a few in-process photos:





Her former color inspiration… where are my sunglasses???

green apple

YIKES!! I recall The Hubs telling me (way back when)…it’s only paint. We can always re-paint it! Finally… LOL.





In keeping with her bedroom make-over, a much more subdued ‘gray’ paint color choice for the walls!! Phew!!

We’re off to do a little shopping for new bath towels, rugs, shower curtain, etc. Otherwise, the bathroom is back-in-service! YAY!

Katie likes [of course] this horse shower curtain from Anthropologie.


image via

I like this one too! [She was looking at ‘Duck Dynasty’ possibilities!!??]


image via

Once we’re completely done/decided with the make-over, I’ll be sure to post final photos!

Happy Friday!

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