the temple on the knoll

Another outbuilding??? Much to Mr. D’s dismay, the unusual hot summer (and extreme temps) has forced me to construct ~~~ yes, ANOTHER ~~~ ADDITIONAL ~~~ sheep shed. Mr. D calls it ‘the temple on the knoll’ located on the only level high ground in the sheep pasture. While my ‘weenie’ goats relax in the comfort of the pole barn, my small flock of Shetland sheep have several small sheds to call ‘home’. They are a hardy breed and require modest housing. We make-do with temporary tarps suspended between existing sheep sheds to provide additional shade and protection from the blazing sun these past few summers.


This past week (while running back and forth to the fair) we managed to construct another structure. The new shed is approximately 10 feet X 10 feet and may easily serve as lambing jugs, if necessary.

My sheepies are so easy to please… and they never complain! It’s the least I can do to keep them happy and safe.


4 thoughts on “the temple on the knoll

  1. We built a new barn this summer too! Not for the sheep but for our pigs and a future draft horse. It already has nice organic hay in the loft. We don’t have room here for much hay but we have an Amish friend who grows and sells organic hay.

    • All right, it may take me a few days to get the materials list together? Just a note, we have subsequently enclosed the shed (aka temple) and added a gate/door. If Mr. D (my husband) is willing… I’d add an addition on the north-facing wall – an enclosed lean-to/shed type roof enclosure.

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