Garden to-do list

  • Clean garden – remove/compost dead vegetation (debris harbors pests/disease)
  • Prune ‘old’ dead raspberry canes (fruit grows on 2nd-year canes)
  • Weed & tidy-up strawberry bed; remove/transplant runners; mulch as necessary (goaties love strawberry/rasp plant clippings)
  • Plant garlic
  • Consider splitting/dividing transplants?
  • Collect/label seeds
  • Transplant rosemary from garden into pots to over-winter
  • Bring ‘vacationing’ houseplants back indoors/into greenhouse
  • Turn compost heap
  • Move ornamental pots/hoses into winter storage
  • Plant Spring bulbs before ground freezes
  •  Plant paperwhites (bulbs) for holiday bloom!
photo credit

Did you know…?

Paperwhites (genus Narcissus) do not require a cold period to flower, and both water forcing (ie soil-less) and soil forcing can be accomplished in under a month. Paperwhite bulbs are available in the marketplace now – usually Fall thru Winter.

Depending on the variety, paperwhites will bloom in as little as two – four weeks. When you purchase your bulbs, place about three inches of soil in the bottom of a pot with good drainage. Place bulbs as close together and add more soil until the bulbs are half covered. Water thoroughly to settle and add more soil as necessary. to cover about 3/4 of bulb. Place in sunny window and enjoy!

To water-force paperwhites, fill a bowl or pot with several inches of pebbles and place bulbs on top of the pebbles. Add enough water to almost touch the bottom of the bulbs. Place in a cool dark place until roots develop. When a top shoot appears, place in light-filled room. Periodically replace water and enjoy!

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