A Day to Catch-Up!

Lots of catching-up going on today, here on the farm!

Just wanted to share a quick post…you know I rarely leave home! I spent a great day Thursday at the ADGA Convention hosted by the Michigan Dairy Goat Society right here in Grand Rapids, MI (a week-long event). In spite of all the blustery wind and rain, juggling chores and schedules (add missing Katie’s induction into the National Honor Society), I was fortunate to attend! Who knows when I’d have another opportunity to participate? Info overload!

Also, just a quick note to share with all my dairy goat peeps! A must-have T-Shirt my friend Crystal & I purchased…available in every size and color of the rainbow…

…and the T-Shirt front.

Perfect to wear to ALL your dairy goat events!

Also, another purchase I made to support my sweet Oberhaslis dairy breed, a 2012 Obe kid calendar:

If you can’t make it to the final days of the ADGA convention, you can find the T-Shirts and more goat-y items on-line at  Rachelsie Farm Dairy Goats.

Have a great weekend!

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