A Fiber-y Weekend

Sometimes you just have to take a little time off…a departure from the daily routine! It’s not something I do often…and without feeling guilty! But, since there was rain in the forecast this past weekend, hubby and I decided to play hookie from our regular (seemingly endless?) list of farm chores.  Saturday, after a speedy quick round of necessary chores/errands, we headed to Ann Arbor, MI to #1) visit the 4th Annual Fiber Expo at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds and #2) rendesvoix with my son (a student at UofM) for lunch.

 I attended the first ‘Fiber Expo’ as a vendor several years ago. This time, I enjoyed visiting familiar fiber folks (it seems ‘we’ fiber enthusiasts follow a similar path of festivals and such), meeting new fiber artisans, observing new fiber trends, taking note of booth set-ups, packaging and ‘touching’ all that fabulous fiber – much of which is local & farm-grown! The creativite energy did my soul good…just what I needed to get me through the holiday rush. Visiting a show is a good check-and-balance for any fiber (or wanna-be) artist/ shop owner!

I made a few small purchases, mostly sheepy collectables/figurines, sheepy note cards (especially nice for a special fiber friend) and an old tyme ink-press block of a spinning wheel for $1.00!

But, my most favorite discovery of the day was a ‘new’ (new to me) fiber artist called “hands+notions fiber goods”!!  She had the most delicious textured fiber batts and hand-spun novelty yarns – and the most awesome hand-dyed color ways – WOW – a definite ‘eye’ for color!  It was all YUMMY EYE CANDY!  Her booth, product, packaging, etc was simply wonderful. You can visit hands+notions at her etsy shop!

In all fairness, I must also mention Bricolage Studios, who also shared/partnered the same booth with hands+notions at the Fiber Expo. Bricolage’s jewelry and fiber-related fix’ns was also awesome – what a dynamic duo they make! Check out “Bricolage Studios” shop on etsy too!

As for farm happenings here at home, we’re working on another portable hay feeder for the sheepies since we’ve completed their latest ‘new’ sheep shed. All the goats and ewe lambs had their ‘lil feet trimmed too, now for all the ‘grown-up’ sheepies foot-trimming! I’ll begin my Fall worming next month after a good killing frost, as I prepare for breeding season. Oh ya, I’ve also begun drying-off my two milkers – sad day – I just love my goats’ milk!!!

Have a good day!

4 thoughts on “A Fiber-y Weekend

  1. Thank you so much for the mention and support! that was terribly sweet of you! faun’s stuff is pretty incredible huh? It was a privilege to share my booth with her and meet so many wonderful people at the show!

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