2 thoughts on “Personal Thanks!

  1. My daughter and I visited your wonderful Sheepy Hollow Sunday. We were so impressed and in so much awe over the committment you and your family have to your animals and surrounding nature. Your goats , sheep and chickens are very lucky to have such a dedicated and loving family of loving support and loyal teamwork.

    I commend you on the Feta Cheese you graciously set out for tasting. My pleasure has never been Feta Cheese, but yours was outstanding, I loved it.

    What a wonderful and gratifying way to live each day, season by season. You and your family live a what should be the true American dream.

    • Thank you for your kind words! Your support makes what I do possible…and I appreciate it more than words can say! Please feel free to ‘visit’ anytime. The change of seasons brings new happenings down on the farm.

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