Baking and More Spring Cleaning!

Now you may ask what does baking and Spring cleaning have to do with each other? I’ll admit, it’s a bit of a twisted path. Well, every first Thursday I spin with my friend Deb. In my mind, in order to play( without feeling guilty), I need to cross a few to-do’s off my perpetual list, ya know, check my e-mails, straighten up after the kids, etc. The task at hand for yesterday (Thursday) was defrost & clean the freezer in the basement. I like to do this chore about now – while it’s still freezing outside (as I stack up my ice chests outside while de-icing the freezer) – and it’s an opportunity to take note/inventory of what’s actually left in the deep-freeze. Somehow, stuff always get pushed to the back and forgotten.

I’ll cut to the chase…while I don’t do lots of web surfing (nor do I ‘get out’ much), one of my absolute fav places to ‘visit’ is Carole’s Country Store Blog. In my opinion, she is an amazingly talented woman, artist, historian, photographer…you may visit her here   I guess I’m a secret admirer and  honestly enjoy my regular rendezvous with Carole as if I were visiting an old friend! Probably sounds corny!!?

Carole’s recent post included a picture (simply mouth-watering!) and a link to Ina Garten’s chicken pot pie. Since I was cleaning out the freezer, I had all the ingredients necessary to try this recipe! YUM!


I actually divided the recipe into two baking casserole dishes…one for dinner and the other would be nice to take to family or friend in need?


As for my spinning ‘date’, I was so busy in the basement cleaning the freezer, my friend came and left…thinking I was not home!!!!! Silly Deb, just give a holler and come on in!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Baking and More Spring Cleaning!

  1. Hi Jen,

    Whenever my wife asks what I’d like for dinner, she usually answers her own question with “I know, but what else besides chicken pot pie”. So this recipe will be tested post haste. Thanks!!

  2. hi Jen. my goodness, I am very flattered after reading your blog, so thank you very much. Your potpies look beautiful! Love the chicken for spring!
    So glad you tried it and I hope George does too!
    Happy day

  3. hello! just found your blog via your etsy store and am so happy to see your art and lovely cooking recipes. i’m in wisconsin and and adore driving through the farm country here. your site so reminds me of those trips. these pies look so wonderful! and your fiber work is just adorable. thank you for sharing!
    xo, juliette

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