A Typical Day of Chores on the Farm

The alarm clock sounds at 4 A.M. and another day begins. Dennis and I have been getting up to do chores before our 5 A.M. commute into the city for many years. Since I ‘retired’ from the auto industry several years ago, we still carry-out the morning ritual together.  We have our routine; he’ll let the dogs out for a quick romp and collect up all the water buckets to dump and refill. That usually includes the rabbits, chickens, dogs and cats. The horse and goat/sheep trough is checked and topped-off as required.  Next, we’ll feed everyone and collect up the dogs.  At 6 A.M., I’m back in the barn milking the goats after which they’ll be turned-out for the day to browse. Pasteurizing their milk is the next item on the list of things to do. I’ll be making a new batch of cheese and picking some fresh herbs as soon as the morning dew has evaporated! In the evening, we’ll start our barn chore ritual all over again!

This past holiday weekend, besides celebrating my son’s 17th birthday (YEAH!), we picked currants. Red currant and white currant bushes grow in my garden and are used for jelly. They prefer a well-drained soil and thrive in cooler humid regions in sun or partial shade. Birds love currants! Many gardeners will plant currant bushes to attract wildlife to their garden.  

Here is the result of two batches of juice made into jelly. It sure will taste yummy in the dead of winter! My family often receives gift baskets of home-made goodies from me at Christmas!

Well, I’m busy with final prep for the Romeo Garden Walk this Saturday. Still have a few projects to complete, so I better get at it cuz we’re burning daylight!

Blessings, Jenny

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