Please excuse my absence! It’s not that I haven’t been thinking about you!! Truth is… my adult kids got me a mini-iPad for Mother’s Day and I’ve discovered been introduced to Instagram! I’m still learning, but, enjoy ‘playing’ with my new T O Y .  woohoo!

The summer is racing by and I barely have time to catch my breath. So much has happened with little projects around the farmyard [down-sizing for efficiency survival]!! More on that later.

The barnyard menagerie is fine. Looking for good homes for my Shetland lambs and Oberhasli doeling. Several weeks ago, Katie got a German Shepherd puppy, Zeak. He has quickly taken over our lives and stolen our hearts!

Also, we [mostly my younger sister and I, even though we have three other siblings] have decided that it is time to sell my mom’s home. She’s 89-years-old and been more seriously ‘forgetful’. I don’t believe we can trust her to live alone for much longer. We’re discussing the possibilities of rotating live-in arrangements between us? Another life change…

Our local Armada Fair is quickly approaching and so is the whirlwind of activities/responsibilities as 4-H Goat [and Fiber Sheep] Superintendent!! One more ball to juggle… all in a day’s work!



Matt, my post-graduate geologist, is currently working on a research project at Mt St Helens, Washington. He’ll be continuing his post-graduate work/education as a research assistant (actually ‘employed’ by MSU since May) and graduate student at MSU next semester. Katie and Matt will actually be sharing an apartment! WOOT!

More on farmyard projects soon! I promise!

wooly wednesday: just because it’s cute


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wooly wednesday: sea breeze



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Happy Monday!

Happy 4th


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A salute

to all who fought

~ and ~

continue to protect our independence!

wooly wednesday: circular

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Arya and Zeak: friends



Arya, Oberhasli doeling and…


Zeak, Katie’s German Shepherd puppy. Playmates!