Wet felting – good clean fun.

Finally! Lots of fuzzy soap in sheep’s clothing, built-in wooly wash cloth felted soap! Atten—tion!

Sending a little ‘I ♥ love ♥ ewe’ your way!

…lots more!

…and more.


An easy wet felting project. You’ll need a fav bar of soap and any natural or dyed/colored wool roving or batt. Bits of wool locks, staples, mohair, novelty yarns add interest and texture! Wrap the wool roving neatly around the soap until adequately covered, adding bits of this ‘n that for interest if desired. Then comes the felting – alternate hot & cold water, working the fiber rigorously until felted. Once you have the hang of it, needle felt an image on your next bar of felted soap, BEFORE you wet felt it!

Lavender is a gardener fav!

A bit more felted goodness…and a great stash buster for all those odds ‘n ends! This project was knitted first, and then ‘felted’ in the washing machine.

Little catch-all bowls.

I’ll probably add a needle felted sheep or two…

Happy fiber’n!