Thank Ewe

The dastardly deed, disbudding, is done! The bucklings are no worse for wear, bouncing everywhere. They enjoyed their first day – ALL DAY – outdoors, basking in sunshine and fresh air! We’re still on kid watch with Coriander…I’ll keep you posted.

This is a little lamb I worked on yesterday.


The little wooly lamb is needle felted with my white/natural Shetland sheep’s wool. I started out by needle felting two little rounds…making the head a bit disproportionately large for the body. I then attached, needle felted them together, slightly off-setting the head from the body (rather than centering it…).

I cut a little piece of ‘scrap’ WET felted wool (I never throw anything away) for the face…for a different texture…and needle felted it into place. I added a little bit of gray wool around her eyes and stitched on a small black bead. The nose/mouth are needle felted.

Now, for the ears and tail, I cut a piece of contrasting color from my wool snippets stash and stitched them in place. Last, I needle felted little feet and tied a little rusty bell around her neck. Oh, and a bit of chalk for color on her ‘cheeks’.

I added a string…this one is an ornie…to embellish a gift. But, wouldn’t it be cute tied onto an Easter basket?