wooly wednesday [oh d-d-deer!]

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the urge to make things…

Do you recall the rustic cutlery I found at the flea market this past summer?? First, this beautifully carved deer-handle woodland set…

…and then [who would believe] a week or so later, I’d stumble upon another beautiful rustic carved bone-like ‘set’? YAY!

Both ‘sets’ of cutlery are intended as Christmas gifts for my twin brothers (the youngest of five siblings). Both brothers are rugged, outdoor-sy hunter-type of guys (they’re both avid duck-hunters! quack quack!). Their respective homesteads are both nestled in a stand of woods with lodge-type interior decor (if I had to describe their manly decorating SKILLZ)!

I usually include something simple and hand-made along with my found-gifts. So, with trusted kitty [Mose] nearby to supervise, I began my brothers’ project(s), er, gift.


I’m really BIG into anything deer, moose, natural, woodsy, wildlife and simple this year. So, I decided on a DEER-themed pillow (along with the deer-cutlery motif – why not?)?! Let me just say, there are soooooo many beautiful hand-made deer/woodland graphic pillows — already made and ready to purchase — OUT THERE, but, due to budget constraints, I decided {and wanted} to make my own – especially since I have ALL the necessary materials on hand.


You’ll need: a pillow-form or stuffing/fiber-fill. I used a 12X12-inch pillow form from JoAnn’s. You will also need fabric of choice – for the front and back. I used a faux burlap linen/cotton blend for the front and a heavy remnant print for the back.


I sewed a simple envelope closure – to accept the pillow form inserted via the back.

You’ll also need an iron-on fabric transfer to run through your printer (also purchased at JoAnns) and a ‘graphic’ of choice. There’s many graphic resources available on-line for free and/or to purchase! I like the Graphic’s Fairy! Or, you can scan a favorite graphic that you already ‘own’ to your computer.

I sewed my ‘pillow’ form first – measure twice, cut once!! Carefully place the matching ‘right-sides’ together and sew a good 1/4-inch seam all around. Turn the pillow right-side-out and iron as necessary. Now, following the specific directions that came with the iron-on transfer paper, print and then transfer your image to your fabric.

Viola! My deer-motif pillow, times two [one for each bro]!! A nice, simple accessory to accompany the cutlery!


Happy day!