Have you heard…?

I have a job! That is, I’m recently employed…at least temporarily! I’m what you’d call an interpreter at the Huron-Clinton Metropark Farm Center at Wolcott Mill Metropark in Ray Township. The ‘work’ is seasonal and coincides with various programs/activities scheduled at Wolcott Farm. The Farm is located about five miles down the dirt road, less than ten-minutes away from my house!

Fall Colors are even more beautiful from a horse-drawn wagon rides.

The ‘work’ is very similar to my daily chores at home [at Sheepy Hollow], with a few exceptions! Feeding the resident barnyard menagerie — twice per day, morning and evening – and routine maintenance/program support. Instead of regularly milking dairy goats, The Farm owns/operates a small herd of dairy cows. The dairy barn is completely managed by The Farm’s skilled dairymen [whose delicious milk ultimately ends up at Kroger]. YUM!

We also have two pigs…whose names I can’t remember, many sheep and goats, rabbits, a donkey and mini-horse!

Did I mention horse(s)? There are four draft horses, mighty Percherons, to be exact: Katie, Fern, JJ and Tom. I’m learning to WORK around them…an acquired skill, I assure you!!! They’re often seen pulling the wagon/giving wagon rides during Farm events! How spectacular!

What’s a farm without fresh eggs??? The Wolcott Farm’s feathered friends include many various breeds of chickens, ducks, pheasants and a pair of turkeys too!

So, be patient with me [and my farm shop]! I’m adjusting to my new schedule, juggling, trying NOT to drop any balls! 🙂





Sheep Shearing Saturday at Wolcott Farm Center

Won’t you please join us at Wolcott Mill Metropark Farm Center on Saturday, March 9, 2012? Katie and I will be in the farm kitchen dyeing wool with Kool-Aid! If you’d like to learn more about ‘dyeing’, here’s another awesome resource!


65775 Wolcott Road, Ray, Michigan 48096

(586) 752-5932


Saturday,  March 09, 2013

10am – 4pm 

$5.00 PER PERSON          (Pay at the door)


Join us at the farm for a fun filled day!!

Watch and listen to a professional sheep shearer.   Visit our artisans and watch demonstrations on weaving, spinning, felting, and more.  Make a wool craft.  Many beautiful items will be available for purchase.  Learn about the visiting Alpacas, their fiber and uses.  Enjoy a snack and go for a horse drawn wagon ride (rides weather permitting). You are also welcome to visit our resident farm animals.

For further information contact us at (586) 752-5932