A garden a day…

That’s my story and I’m stick’n to it. This time of year, the gardens (or should I say weeds?) require much attention. Spring cleaning garden chores includes raking, trimming, pruning, thinning, transplanting, amending soil, turning the compost and finally, planting. 

I have been known to ‘freak-out’ this time of year, but at my age, even freaking out takes up too much energy. So I have a kind-of mental schedule (I’m the type that gets easily distracted walking between the house and the barn to pull an unsightly weed or two) to work on one garden a day. Of course, by the time I’m finished, I can start all over again… or begin the next phase of gardening: picking and preserving. There’s never a dull moment or lack of things to do.

This morning I’ve transplanted hops and clematis (a fragrant fall blooming variety, Sweet Autumn). But, for the past week, we’ve been re-building our veggie raised beds – actually, the strawberry bed.


Evidence of twenty plus years of Mother Nature taking its toll on the timbers…

Hubby rebuilt the strawberry bed over a weekend; my task was to transplant the strawberries into their new home.

The black hose is for drip irrigation…some day?

Mission accomplished! We’re experiencing a bit of transplant shock. I was soooooo hoping to avoid purchasing new strawberry plants…time will tell. Well, three to go…and I don’t mean orders of take-out, that is, three more veggie raised beds to ‘rebuild’. I hope they last another twenty-something years!