April kids arrived!


Katie’s Oberhasli doe, Eowyn (aka ‘Fuzzy’), kidded this morning: twin doelings! Text-book perfect delivery. All are doing well!!

Now, Katie can head back to East Lansing, MSU.

Totes my goats!


I do apologize for my absence… but, I’ve been a bit preoccupied! Merry, our second doe (another first freshener), kidded in the wee early morning hours on Friday. Triplets: two bucklings and one doe!!!

Also, Friday morning, one of our Shetland ewes, Serendipity, lambed: twin rams. But wait… there’s more!! This Sunday morning, Reece, lambed!! Triplets!!! Two ewe lambs and one ram lamb! Ditto last year!! Everyone is doing well!! More photos coming!!

Oh happy day!!