Meet ‘Rosebud’

After skirting my Shetland wool fleece for most of the day yesterday, (btw, I’m STILL not done!) I had to make something sheepy and wooly…

Ergo, meet ‘Rosebud’, a needle felted pinkeep.

She’s needle felted in a rather tall, slender, cylindrical shape; the black ‘head’ and tail were needle felted separately and also attached with the felting needle.

I made rosebuds from wool snippets, and needle felted a bit of a stem, stitched on a few vintage mother of pearl buttons and a decorative ribbon (grass?) at the base. She sits in a recycled vintage tart tin! I added a little rusty bell around her neck.

She worked-up rather quickly…just what I needed!

A simple, no-sew project!