lucky me: lucky finds

Do you recall my post last week about the flea market ‘carving knife set’ I found [as a gift] for my brother (find of the day) ~ and my dilemma ~ which brother? ┬áSince I have twin brothers, it would be a difficult decision?

You’ll never believe me when I tell you I found another set of ‘knives’, well, carving set!!!

A knife, fork and sharpening steel with the real deal: carved bone handles! The price you ask??? A whopping $2, two buck-a-roos!

The fork has this really cool ‘resting’ thing-a-ma-jiggy. I just l.o.v.e. them. Believe me when I tell you I was dancing a jig with this lucky find. Now my only dilemma IS which SET for which bro???? (wink)

I didn’t walk away without a few other MUST-haves for myself. Like this slightly tattered vintage lace ‘table cloth’ for 50-cents.

It adds a little charm {or whimsy} to my back-porch, ya think?

I’m also furnishing my back-porch (one piece at a time)…with another folding chair (it’s actually very comfy) that was a steal at $5.

…and finally, what crazy sheepy wOOly type person could possibly resist ANOTHER wool blanket for the kids/back porch for $10???

Hello! Who could resist those light green stripes?

A very happy find of the day!