adding ‘personality’

Hello! If you follow me or visit from time-to-time, you know I’ve recently ‘freshened’ my laundry/mudroom. The freshening, as I call it, consisted of several minor/low investments: 1/a little elbow grease to strip the wallpaper and scrub the walls, 2/repaint the ceiling and walls 3/repaint the peg coat rack 4/install a new [lower profile] dryer vent 5/new stainless steel water supply lines to the washing machine 6/mount a vintage drying rack above the utility tub and 7/build additional shelf/install hooks [and repaint] the closet.

We still PLAN to purchase new solid wood doors to replace the hollow core builder’s standard…and I’d like a new faucet too? I’ll secretly be on the look-out for an awesome vintage utility tub. [sigh]

So, why bring ALL this up AGAIN!!!!???? Well, ‘cuz I needed to add a wee little bit of me……

sheepy hollow ceramic sign

Everyone knows that I’m nutz about SHEEP…so, I repurposed my ceramic sheep sign [hanging in my farm shop] here, above the door to announce that a crAzY sheep lady lives here!! The ‘black’ ceramic also ties-in nicely with my coat peg rack. hee hee

But, that’s not all.

sheepyhollow tushy cushy

I needed a SHEEP to go with my sign!! So, I made a sheepy tushy cushy…for this old stool. For grins, I painted the legs of the stool for feet. bwahahaha

Here it is all-together!

sheepyhollow laundry room

Now, that’s MUCH better!!! Come back, and I’ll tell you how I made my stash-busting, no-sew, kid friendly ‘sheepy tushy cushy’!