Reversible: twice the goodness?

I played a bit more with my Shetland wool roving (that’s surprising, wink!). I used two individual girls’ wool: Brenna’s ‘black’ and Reese’s moorit.

First, two layers or more of one sheep and then another two or three layers of the other sheep’s naturally colored wool.


See, reversible! Twice the goodness!???


The slight difference in each fleece influenced the wet felting process and final character of the project. I added Lincoln ‘fringe’ to both ‘ends’.


Always fun to explore (play) with wool!

And the winner is…

…da da dam…Reese’s Pieces [aka ‘Reese’] is my first Shetland to lamb this Spring! Reese’s twin ram lambs arrived Wednesday, May 1st [in the wake of all the chaos with my milking doe, Cassie]. He giveth and He taketh.



That’s Reese in the middle with her new twin white ram lambs; prego Serendipity [aka ‘Sara’] on the left, and a very rotund prego Belladonna [aka ‘Bella’] on the right!

reece_white rams


I just love those babies!!