do-over: a merry little sheep

I can hardly believe it’s been F O U R years since I wrote this post… Recycled Wooly Wreath (see post for how-to mini wreath details).


This mini wreath was a cute speedy-quick project made with little snips of recycled/felted wool (sweaters even better) strung on a piece of wire. Simply cute for decorating cupboard knobs and/or adorning a gift?

Most recently, I’ve been busy creating a few ‘new’ sheepy ornies! HAHAHA What a surprise, right? 

I slightly modified this little wreath project to create a cute little sheep ornament and/or a sheepy pin/brooch for another sheep and fiber enthusiast?!!


How-To // You’ll need:

  1. Recycled/felted wool (‘ugly’ sweaters perhaps?)
  2. Wire (not too heavy gauge)
  3. Pipe cleaners, wool roving, buttons, foam or ‘other’ to create a little sheep head/face… let your creative juices flow!
  4. Hot glue
  5. Pin back or metallic string for hanging

To begin, cut approximately 1-inch little squares (( any color will do )) from your recycled wool. I used about twenty pieces or so… the more wool, the larger your ‘sheep’. You may also add a contrasting colored wool for legs/feet if desired. No two sheep need to be alike!!

wreath sheep_sheepyhollow

gray sheep ornie_sheepyhollow


When you believe your sheep is about the right size, bind the wire tightly – DO NOT LEAVE A HOLE IN THE MIDDLE LIKE A WREATH – and give the wire a tug and twist. Ta da… you have created a little fuzzy sheep body!!

Now comes the FUN part where you give your little sheep personality!! I used a simple black pipe cleaner to bend into the shape of a head ( like the shape of a capital ‘Y’ ). The top of the ‘Y’ become the ears and the bottom of the ‘Y’ is the face/head. Next, wrap/cover the pipe cleaner with black/white wool roving… a few pokes with a felting needle keeps everything nice, dense and tucked into place. You may add more details… eyes, nose, or not. Use a dab of hot glue to attach the head to the body (of wool).

wreath ornie_sheepyhollow

Add a pin back [for a brooch] or a string for a sweet sheepy ornie.

Merry sheep!!

a quickie/kid friendly sheepy project

Hello friends!

Here’s a wooly simple, kid-friendly [two-legged variety], stash-buster FUN project for the weekend! It’s a little sheepy ornie; package tie-on, mini wreath… to embellish a holiday tree, use as a hang-tag on a gift for a special fiber friend or knitter, 4-H craft fund-raising project… you get the idea!

sheepyhollow blkornie

All you need is left-over yarn, handspun, roving, fleece or whatever you have in your fiber stash. Use natural colored yarn or punch it up and go funky with various bright-colored, self-striping and glam novelty yarns [how about to  decorate an Easter tree?].

To begin, use any round circular base/styrofoam form/corrugated cardboard to wrap the yarn around and around until you no longer ‘see’ the form you’re using. For the legs, cut out two pairs of [U-shaped] legs from heavy card stock, foam, scrapbook paper, etc and catch it/secure it in the back as you wrap the yarn around the form. When your form is adequately covered [and legs attached], cut the yarn. No need to sew, using a yarn needle, simply bury the end into the wrapped/coiled yarn.

sheepyhollow gryornie1

Now for the head, you have several choices. Hand-draw a sheep’s head and make multiple copies with your printer onto heavy card stock/scrapbooking paper. Or, perhaps you saved old Christmas cards with images of sheep? How about a photo of your very own sheep? Use your imagination! Apply a bit of glue and secure the head to the yarn body. Finally, add a piece of string or yarn to hang. [HINT: You could use a large styrofoam form and make a sheepy wreath for your front door.] 

sheepyhollow brnornie

sheepyhollow ornies

Never enough sheep!! Have a great weekend!