What’s on my workbench?

… or more accurately, my kitchen counter?

Check it out: a bleached ART sheepy project.

I got the idea from here :

photo via show tell share

…and thought it would be a fun project for my 4H kids???

Naturally, I had to try it for myself FIRST – and it had to be sheepy!!!

This is the reverse side, before rinsing.

And this is the final rinsed project.

Here’s a close-up.


I followed the directions from Show Tell Share. You’ll need a Clorox Bleach Gel Pen for WHITES and fabric. I found mine in the laundry detergents aisle at Meijer. I used an inexpensive 60/40 cotton polyester blend (black) to ‘experiment’, but – Show Tell Share – recommends a cotton jersey (she also used a linen fabric for her table runner). I ironed a piece of butcher paper to the back… because I have it readily available in my pantry. Otherwise, place on several sheets of newspaper to protect your work surface. I free-handed a sheep with the fine point end of the bleach gel pen… but you can draw any ‘simple’ design. Too much detail and you’ll lose some of it in the final results… the bleach does absorb/spread/blur a little bit.

Let the bleach sit about 20-minutes. Peel the paper backing and rinse in cool water. You may run through a cycle in the washing machine. There you go. You can customize a table runner, place mat… or kids’ DIY T-Shirts?

I thought it would make a nice ‘banner’ or table skirt for a craft show display or Ag fair…

The sky’s the limit! I’m gonna try a dairy goat next… hope her udder turns out!!!

And here’s the dairy goats!

I love ’em both!

Where’s my bleach gel pen??? I think I’ll pencil-in: “Dairy goats – the other white milk”!