do-over: a merry little sheep

I can hardly believe it’s been F O U R years since I wrote this post… Recycled Wooly Wreath (see post for how-to mini wreath details).


This mini wreath was a cute speedy-quick project made with little snips of recycled/felted wool (sweaters even better) strung on a piece of wire. Simply cute for decorating cupboard knobs and/or adorning a gift?

Most recently, I’ve been busy creating a few ‘new’ sheepy ornies! HAHAHA What a surprise, right? 

I slightly modified this little wreath project to create a cute little sheep ornament and/or a sheepy pin/brooch for another sheep and fiber enthusiast?!!


How-To // You’ll need:

  1. Recycled/felted wool (‘ugly’ sweaters perhaps?)
  2. Wire (not too heavy gauge)
  3. Pipe cleaners, wool roving, buttons, foam or ‘other’ to create a little sheep head/face… let your creative juices flow!
  4. Hot glue
  5. Pin back or metallic string for hanging

To begin, cut approximately 1-inch little squares (( any color will do )) from your recycled wool. I used about twenty pieces or so… the more wool, the larger your ‘sheep’. You may also add a contrasting colored wool for legs/feet if desired. No two sheep need to be alike!!

wreath sheep_sheepyhollow

gray sheep ornie_sheepyhollow


When you believe your sheep is about the right size, bind the wire tightly – DO NOT LEAVE A HOLE IN THE MIDDLE LIKE A WREATH – and give the wire a tug and twist. Ta da… you have created a little fuzzy sheep body!!

Now comes the FUN part where you give your little sheep personality!! I used a simple black pipe cleaner to bend into the shape of a head ( like the shape of a capital ‘Y’ ). The top of the ‘Y’ become the ears and the bottom of the ‘Y’ is the face/head. Next, wrap/cover the pipe cleaner with black/white wool roving… a few pokes with a felting needle keeps everything nice, dense and tucked into place. You may add more details… eyes, nose, or not. Use a dab of hot glue to attach the head to the body (of wool).

wreath ornie_sheepyhollow

Add a pin back [for a brooch] or a string for a sweet sheepy ornie.

Merry sheep!!

Did you know…?

image via

Occasionally you’ll come across a skein of yarn labeled 100 percent Pure Virgin Wool. No, this is not referring to the sheep’s modesty. It’s a reference to the days when people would sell their old knits and woven goods to shoddy mills, where they would be unraveled or shredded and re-manufactured into blankets or yarn. By putting Virgin Wool on a garment or yarn label, the manufacturer is indicating that this is the fiber’s first foray into the world of textiles. If you were to knit a wool garment, unravel the yarn, and re-knit it into something else, technically it would no longer be virgin wool.

Giving Thanks.

“Oh, that men would give thanks to the LORD for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men! For He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness.” Psalm 107:8-9

The holidays are rapidly approaching.  I think you’ll agree, wherever you may reside, that ‘Christmas’ is already on display in many major shopping malls! As a small shopkeeper, I’m also guilty of rushing along the season. My ‘Christmas in the Country ~ Holiday Open House also occurs mid-November… a few short weeks away!

…and I’ve been busy preparing, creating fiber art, making goat milk soap and other primitives. Replacing, re-stocking, RE-THINKING. There’s much to prepare for such an event and it’s often overwhelming. I do the best I can, God-willing.

So, I need to remind myself slow down and be thankful, and give thanks for all the goodness in my life. The spirit of Christmas lives 365-days a year!

A few days ago I whipped-up this little wreath for Fall/Thanksgiving… a mini-wreath!

I cut little square swatches of recycled wool, strung them with florist wire, attached a gold thread to hang and needle felted wooly ‘acorns’ using the ‘tops’ from real acorns.

Let’s not short-change Thanksgiving! So, pull out the Indian corn, wreaths, garlands, pumpkins, trencher-filled gourds, wheat topiary, corn stalks, acorns and everything that speaks Thanksgiving to you!

Recycled Wooly Wreath

Here’s another quick (and child proof) project for the holidays…mini wooly wreaths! They can be used as door hangers, package tie-ons, ornies for the tree, a little gift for a friend ~ you decide!

Here’s one with a little red added…

Materials List: You’ll need recycled wool fabric (recycled/felted sweaters or rug hooking scraps) any color will do! I’m pretty traditional, so I like green and red. But, white would be dashing as would multi-colored!

Since my wreaths are meant to be small, I cut my fabric into 1-inch squares, but you can make the wreath any size you desire. You’ll also need wire, a workable/bendable gauge. Just cut a length of wire and poke it through the center of your cut fabric squares until you get the size (and density – no wire should be visible) you prefer. Twist the ends together. Add a strip of wool or ribbon and a length of gold thread for hanging. You can also embellish with beads, bobbles, glitter and more! You decide.

Let’s see…how many should I make???