paint on / paint off

Since my epiphany about a month ago, I’ve been sprucing up my little workshop [farm shop] and drying barn. Out with the old – in with the re-newed! Cleaning, scrubbing, re-organizing, and lots of painting [freshening!]! Bringing it all-together.

My most recent efforts have been re-painting an ‘icky’ old farmhouse cupboard [that I had acquired some time ago] that’s used for storage in my drying barn.

I really really love this piece by reproduction Colonial furniture maker extraordinaire, Joseph Spinale.Primitive reproduction farmhouse jelly cupboard cabinet painted  Early American country furniture

While my cupboard isn’t as awesome as Joseph’s [with all his antique repro details], it was the inspiration for my cupboard re-do!

First, I cleaned and sanded the entire cupboard. Next, I applied two coats of grey satin latex paint to the exterior. Then – just for fun –  added a touch of black satin latex to highlight the door/trim and wood knobs. Now comes the fun part ~ distressing ~ and finally finishing with a ‘colored’ wax.

It’s no fine antique reproduction, but, it’ll do!!

keeping up…

Spanish Proverb - Digital Print Mini Poster


hello dear friends! it’s been a little over a week since my unfortunate tumble down the stairs… but, i’m happy to report that i’m ‘doing’ much better! i’ve been resuming some of my routine household duties – thank goodness for the support of loved ones!

yesterday i abstained from all pain relievers (the usual dose of 600-mg ibuprofen) — and ventured out to my mom’s to deliver fresh goat milk and farm-fresh eggs! yay!

when i finally returned home, i helped with barnyard chores. i even managed to do a little prep-work [ie sanding w/hubby’s palm-sander] on an old farm cupboard that i use for this ‘n that storage in the drying barn! since the weather forecast predicts unusual mid-70’s for the next day or two, i was hoping to take advantage and re-paint that old cupboard! talk about EAT dust and die!!! ugh!

alas, by dinner-time i was feeling my aches and pains and reached for the ibuprofen.

my To-Do list continues to grow and soon i’ll have to make adjustments to it – what i want versus the reality of what is actually do-able – in time for my holiday open house Nov 10 & 11. i’m hoping to ‘sell’ much… to pave the way for ‘new’ endeavors [so much to learn!].

wishing you a week of fruitful endeavors!!

finding the sweet spot

“After God created the world, He made man and woman. Then, to keep the whole thing from collapsing, He invented humor” – Bill Kelly

It’s been five days since my [horrific, at least to me] tumble-down the stairs. I do NOT like being incapacitated in any way, shape or form. I do not like it here or there! I do not like it anywhere!! Period!

NOR do I like being dependent on anyone – more from a feeling of guilt, I think – that I should be doing my ‘fare share’ to maintain a smooth (hahaha) running household. Ya know, as if they [hubby and daughter] don’t have enough going on!!!! Silly, isn’t it?

So, today I popped 600-mg of ibuprofen [I don’t even want to know the long-term consequences of that!] and headed out early [yes, behind the steering wheel] to do some grocery shopping! After all, I had the shopping cart to hold onto as I shuffled up & down the aisles, more help loading the groceries from the cart into the car – uh oh – and yes, somehow I managed to UNPACK the groceries from the car into the house! Isn’t ibuprofen wonderful!!??

But, all kidding aside, as my poor body slowly mends [the acid test comes later this afternoon when I have to milk the girls since Katie has a NHS induction ceremony to attend]… I’m learning to find ‘the sweet spot.’

Yes, the sweet spot. That certain twist of the body that allows you to escape the searing pain. The correct leg to lean on for needed support. How to raise and lower yourself into a chair with minimal discomfort. To perform little chores – in a most humorous choreographed manner – just to help out as best I can! Hopefully, no one is watching my comical moves!!

But, it’s not just about finding the physical sweet spot(s) during my recent calamity, but, also the emotional sweet spot of simply living! To set new goals and to be adaptable to change. To challenge oneself. To become a better person. To be thankful for every moment. To finding the humor in a bad situation. To stop worrying about something that you have no control over. And, perhaps sometimes… learning to say ‘no’… just to mention a few off the top of my head!

So, here’s to finding your sweet spot… whatever that may be!

first steps

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao-tzuChinese philosopher (604 BC – 531 BC)

Since my declaration to the world on ‘re-inventing’ myself (silly, somehow THAT makes it more real to me), I wanted to share my progress-to-date.

I began with re-painting my farm shop’s check-out counter. I should have taken before and after photos for more dramatic effect, but, I’m warning you, I’m not a pretty photographer ***AT ALL*** !! I don’t own a fancy camera(s), multiple lenses, lighting equipment, et al. [AND, I would greatly benefit from a 101-photo-taking-class-for dummies!]. I don’t own an iPhone either with that fantastic Instagram App that everyone is using/talking about! Ah, if only…

Anyway, I digress…

I spent ALL day (after the usual household chores) ’til dusk, clearing-out the clutter, and barely made a dent! You see, my check-out counter has become a convenient landing zone (er, dumping station).

Drumroll please….! Ta da!

Somehow, the black ‘base’ (formerly barn red) does the cherry wood top more justice (constructed lovingly by my hubby)!

A history lesson on the Colonial cage bar: The Colonial “cage” or “frame” bar was a standard element of 18th century colonial taverns. A closet-sized space walled off with panels of wooden bars, it protected the stores of whiskey, rum and wine while offering a secure storage space for other valuables and fragile items like punchbowls, glasses and decanters. The modern term ‘bar’ ~ referring to a public place where liquor is served ~ evolved from this early structure in colonial taverns.

Please excuse the mess! Today I’ll be tackling more shelving – behind – the counter!

P.S. I also finished making two dozen wooly cookies!! WOOT!