rainy day blues

YES! We’ve been experiencing a late-January ‘thaw’ here in mid-Michigan! It began a few days ago with a fresh snowfall, then onto freezing rain… and two days ‘no school’ due to the ICY back-roads. [I had to take my mom to a doctor appointment yesterday, and I had to slip the transmission into ‘neutral’ to keep from sliding off the icy-country back-roads into the ditch!!]

We have temps in the mid-50’s and lots of rain rain rain, with posted flood warnings! EVERYTHING is wet and soggy, with 100% humidity!!! [Poor barnyard critters!!!] But, they say temps will be taking a plunge back into the 20’s [degrees F] by late afternoon. Ah, winter returns!

The Hubs had to (try) remove the ‘debris’ from the ditch to prevent flooding/loosing our driveway. Most of the surrounding farmers’ fields have installed drainage…and the runoff is torrential. The volume clearly exceeds the culvert capacity which directs the runoff beneath the dirt road to nearby Coon Creek. POOR engineering concept [an old habit]! Question: Do farmers even require a permit to install drain fields on their land????

Today, I plan on spending most of the rainy day in the basement: CLEANING CLEANING CLEANING! [Fix’n up the basement has been a perpetual – seasonal – when you have time – project here, ugh!] I am amazed by the amount of STUFF ‘we’ accumulate! The STUFF that we just can’t seem to dispose of since ‘we’ may use it some day!! The story-telling STUFF that piles-up in our house, the attic, the basement, the garage, the barns, toolshed… and on and on…

We probably ALL do it (store STUFF) to some extent!? Well, I want to get rid of STUFF that’s cluttering my SPACE (and my mind). I want/need to move forward [eek…and make room for more STUFF???]? It was soooooo good to get rid of STUFF from my workshop last Fall… and, I want [NEED] that feeling to come back! I need to get back on track with my PLAN to explore new life skillz… in spite of ALL of living’s daily derailments! It’s easy to get sidetracked.

I can still hear the rain as I [sit in the basement] in front of the computer. Enough procrastinating… on to CLEANING!