red, white and…


I made several ‘new’ pillows over the holiday week. A simple red stripe ticking pillow cover/insert and recycled grain sacks with tie closures [for ease of laundering].

While I was feeling patriotic, I also made a few red/white/blue banners.


I cut the pennants from an inexpensive cotton red striped dish towel! I folded over a seam [and machine stitched] to run my cotton cord through. I used bits of blue calico cotton fabric for the stars. I simply made a star paper pattern that I liked and traced it onto the blue fabric. [You could also block print/stamp a star motif.]


Since I didn’t want to spend hours hand-stitching all the stars to the pennant, I used a few dabs of fabric glue to make quick work out of my patriotic banner(s). There’s always room for one more…

 woohoo…and there you have it!

Hungry Mice

If you’re wondering why I’ve been ‘off-line’ since last week Wednesday, it’s because I’ve been without telephone service. No biggie, since we all pretty much have cell phones, right?  

Wrong! No AT&T phone service means no DSL and no computer hook-up.


Finally, yesterday at about 6 p.m., the AT&T repair man showed up on our doorstep to investigate the ‘problem’. About fifteen minutes later, he tracked down the location of the problem. Apparently, hungry little mice had been munching on the wires resulting in our lack of technology!

In the meantime… I kept busy enough without the disruption(?) of the computer…

I made more bunnies…

…a bit more primitive perhaps? That’s a little clay carrot necklace I made dangling around his neck.

This one is still ‘in progress’. I think I’ll add a needle felted carrot at the base of the topiary.

Speaking of carrots…I made a few more needle felted carrots to feed hungry bunnies.

Then I made a few wooly sheepy ‘pillows’ stuffed with my dried herbs ~ very fragrant.

This is a simple wet felted ‘free-form’ sheepy made with wool roving. (The back of all the pillows is made with recycled wool from my rug hooking stash.) The sheep is standing in a field of hand-stitched ‘button’ daisies…c’mon Spring!


This is the back detail…more hand stitched daisies on a sky blue wool background.

Don’t have any wool roving? No matter. This wooly sheep is needle felted with mohair yarn! Sky blue and sunshine yellow…is it Spring yet? I love the daisy details to pick-up the ‘yellow’.  I stitched a yellow button to each corner of the pillow too.

I love the fuzzy texture of the mohair yarn.

Here’s another fuzzy mohair sheep, but with black face and legs. I needle felted the sheep in a field of poppies and added felted balls to each corner of the pillow.

Well, I survived a few days without the computer. (I did run up to the library w/my laptop once or twice!!) and I managed to get a few projects completed too! No computer required!