never enough calendars…

This time of year, I think you can never have enough little calendars… tucked here ‘n there…the office, studio, sewing room…!!

Here’s a simple how-to


Beth at Patina Whitejust minutes to patina'd months!

Simply follow the link!

I think I’ll have to make Beth’s ‘command center’ too!

Happy Day!!

baby, it’s cold outside…


Let me begin by saying you know you’re either completely nUtZ – or – absolutely in love with living a ‘farm-ish’ lifestyle… or perhaps a little of both…to weather thru winter mornings in the cold and darkness…to do chores! Even more so, when your hubby rolls out of a warm cozy bed, still in jammies, to slide into a pair of frozen coveralls in the wee hours of the morning to help feed the critters [before heading off to work]. He’s actually the muscle of the operation and takes care of all the frozen water buckets!

Actually, this morning was a bit warmer [around the upper teens] compared to yesterday morning which hovered around 7 degrees F.  Whoa! Heat wave! Katie’s back to class/high school, and since I’m drying-off the last of my two milking goats, I can make her breakfast and help pack her lunch. She’s out the door at 7 a.m. Tonight [every Thursday] is ‘date-nite’!! WOOT WOOT! Katie and three girlfriends formed a study group…study/support group! Enough said… I love my girlz!!

I’m also enjoying the last few days ‘spoiling’ my son before he returns to college. Matt is 21, but, I don’t care. He’ll be on his own soon enough…where did the time go??? Katie and Matt went running at the high school last night. They’re both health conscious; Katie is pre-conditioning for soccer. Oh, how I wish I could bottle-up some of their energy. Now-a-days, it’s an effort for me to stay up much past 9 p.m. on the darkest of these winter nights! hahaha

Yesterday, I spent most of my day housekeeping, laundry, vacuuming, tidying-up after family get-togethers! Much to hubby’s dismay, I got a jump-start on taking down a few of the Christmas decorations. This is normally performed AFTER the Feast of the Three Kings/Epiphany. But, I worked on mostly peripheral decorations…, natural pine branches and garlands, pine cone bowl-fillers, etc. I had a forest of pine needles and berries tinkled everywhere as I gathered!

However, I also managed to knit/machine felt a few RED wooly bowls that I’ll embellish with sheepies [most likely] in preparation for St. Valentine’s Day! I’m such a sappy romantic…and let me just say, hubby is, well —- NOT. (Don’t worry, my secret is safe. Hubs rarely reads my blog.) I’ll try to hold-off decorating the house with little hearts and other heart-felt whimsies strewn everywhere…at least ’til mid-January!

I need to get organized, prioritize and focus. [Cleaning my shop last Fall felt really GOOD!] I want to keep on-track with exploring some new ideas [block printing, doodling with water colors, a few pottery/ceramic ideas – make use of my kiln, weaving(?) and play with handfelted wooly vests too!]. Can you tell I’m chomping at the bit… to get started??!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. I got a phone call from a nice lady near Jackson, MI about a new/first time fiber festival in May that she wanted me to demo natural dyeing. Well, we’ll have new goat kids and lambing in May – so, I rarely leave the barnyard, not to mention I don’t have a lot of natural dye stuffs – since mega CLEANING the drying barn. Not to mention, what’s growing, ready-for-harvesting in MAY!!?? It takes mucho picking & gathering natural materials for the dye bath. And, there’s also a ‘DAIRY DAY’ planned at Wolcott Farm Learning Center, June 23, 2013. They want me to spend the day and make/demo at least three batches of cheese…hmmm…that project warrants further discussion????!

Just as soon as Matt and Katie BOTH return to school…and I have some time to MYSELF [is that even a possibility]…before the garden chores beckon me back!

…all in a day’s work!