and we’re off [the wallpaper, that is]

I have itchy fingers…and so it begins! My laundry room/mudroom ((the side entrance from the garage into my house)) is getting a ‘freshening’. After almost twenty years [really????], the wallpaper is coming down!!!!

laundry rm

Goodbye…apples, country blue stripes and red barns/silos…


It takes NO time at all… for me to make a blessed mess!!! I even have a load of laundry going in the machine. Now that’s called MULTI-TASKING. 🙂


There’s NOT a whole lot of exciting improvements happening here. Most will be cosmetic. My mismatched washing machine (a hand-me-down) and clothes dryer will stay. I’m thankful they’re operational! I’d love a new farmstyle utility sink (soapstone would be awesome!!!) but, the icky fiberglass will probably remain. Happy to have a utility tub. I do like the existing tile floor. That’s something!

The walls/ceiling will be re-painted. I still can’t seem to make up my mind to paint the wood cabinets…hmmm??? Hubs will build a few additional shelves in the closet for storage. I’ll take down all the vintage wire rug-beaters and hang an antique folding clothes dryer over the utility tub instead.

If I’m lucky, perhaps I’ll replace the hollow-core door which leads into my kitchen with an antique/raised panel solid wood door… to add a little farmhouse charm??? I’ve tried THAT in the past, but The Hubs gets upset with me, cuz the size NEVER matches and the hinges are wrong…the paint probably has toxic lead in it…blah blah blah. I know, I know. But, if I can’t live in an old farmhouse, can I pleeeese make it look – just a little bit – like an old farmhouse??

So, we’ll just see what we finally end-up with…I’ll keep you posted!