Sheep for Hire!

DeAr SaNtA: WorK WaNteD!

Sorry, but I can’t help myself!!!¬† I hope my wool whimsy brings a smile to your face! This little needle felted wool ornie measures about 3-inches from head to toe (or should I say ‘hoof’?) plus an additional inch or so for her antlers!

ho ho ho!

Recycled Wooly Wreath

Here’s another quick (and child proof) project for the holidays…mini wooly wreaths! They can be used as door hangers, package tie-ons, ornies for the tree, a little gift for a friend¬†~ you decide!

Here’s one with a little red added…

Materials List: You’ll need recycled wool fabric (recycled/felted sweaters or rug hooking scraps) any color will do! I’m pretty traditional, so I like green and red. But, white would be dashing as would multi-colored!

Since my wreaths are meant to be small, I cut my fabric into 1-inch squares, but you can make the wreath any size you desire. You’ll also need wire, a workable/bendable gauge. Just cut a length of wire and poke it through the center of your cut fabric squares until you get the size (and density – no wire should be visible) you prefer. Twist the ends together. Add a strip of wool or ribbon and a length of gold thread for hanging. You can also embellish with beads, bobbles, glitter and more! You decide.

Let’s see…how many should I make???