It’s never easy…

It’s NEVER easy to say goodbye to a dear friend.

Farm life – the good, the bad and the ugly!

My daughter lost her best friend today, her sweet horse ‘ACoolCat’. A most difficult lesson for a 17-year old. We’re no stranger to death and loss on a farm. It never gets easier. It’s painful. It hurts. There’s no rhyme nor reason. There’s no words to console. Our only comfort is  the sweet memory of the too short life we shared. I like to believe Cat’s running in open green pastures, along with all our barnyard ‘pets’ who have gone before him!

We’ll truly miss you big guy! Let ’em buck!!

P.S. Many have inquired re the cause of Cat’s death. He was well and thriving – a super-charged youngster, only five. We believe he may have suffered a tummy ache (colic) and ‘rolled’ to relieve the ache…suffered a ‘twisted gut’ and died within 24-hours… despite our best efforts.