Simple prim window treatments.

I live in a Cape Cod-style house. The ‘front’ porch facade – with four double-hung windows – faces West and receives late afternoon sun. After twenty something years, I decided on simple, plain, prim window treatments. (The house sits about 1/4 mile off the road, so privacy isn’t an issue.)

I mentioned my ‘idea’ to my mom (who’s 86) during our last weekly visit. Years ago, she had sewn lining for some curtains which she no longer planned on using (since she now has vertical blinds). 

So, I measured, cut, re-sewed and RE-PURPOSED the curtain ‘lining‘ for my windows…I screwed a small cup hook into the corner of each window and ‘attached’ my curtains with grosgrain ribbon. 

I’m not sure if I’ll stitch a small loop & button to the bottom to ‘tie-back’ the window treatment…when I want it ‘opened-up’ a bit (and the window is open)?? I’m still deciding how to best facilitate that, in keeping with simple & prim …

Nevertheless, I like it!!!! Although I’m not sure my mom would approve…she’d say it looks like we just moved-in and hung bed sheets on the windows! LOL