my Katie [an intro]

Since my current ‘project‘ is my daughter’s bedroom make-over, I thought it might be nice for you to meet my Katie! Katie is my No.2 child (Matt is her big brother).

katie barn 001


My Katie has always loved ‘the great outdoors’ and playing with her barnyard menagerie. Instead of party dresses, she’d rather be wearing barn boots! She invited the critters to tea parties and ‘dress-up’ on a regular basis. Her horses ARE her best-est friends!

Now that she’s all grown-up [all of 18-years old], I’d like to tell you that she’s a VERY hard worker, intelligent, soccer maniac and a dedicated, fun-loving friend! She HATES math and adores her daddy!


She’s very health conscious and LOVES to ‘work-out’ [especially with Matt]!!



But really… isn’t she adorable???


She cleans-up pretty good!!! 😀

mish mash [this ‘n that]



Can you believe my goat kids are already five (the triplets) and six (the twins) weeks old!!! That’s Pippin (the buckling twin ) staring at you… saying ‘adopt me, adopt me!!’


…and this is Gimli (one of the triplets)! It’s very likely that we’ll castrate both boys in a few more weeks, unless I hear of someone interested in a potential herd sire??

I mention the goat kids [yes, to begin ‘looking’ for future homes, sigh], but also because I want to  tell you that I confiscated a little goat milk yesterday to culture a batch of buttermilk… to use as my cheese ‘starter’. I’m hoping to ‘skim’ a little milk occasionally for making some cheese! Hey kids, it’s called sharing!

Have I also mentioned that we got a half-dozen ‘new’ baby chicks – layers – last week? Every three years or so we replace a few of our hens. This time we decided to try a new/different breed – Silver Laced Wyandottes. Aren’t they pretty??

Silver Laced Wyandotte Chicken Hen

Our little brood of six chicks are residing in a large rubber water trough in an empty stall in the barn – safe from predators!


I place an old window screen on top the trough – for added safety. The chickies also have access to water and their chick mash… and a heat lamp at night, as necessary.


They grow-up so fast…soon they’ll look like little raptors! They’ll begin laying brown eggs in about 5-months. I am so very spoiled by fresh eggs!!!

wool blankets

I dropped-by an estate sale and purchased these three PINK vintage wool blankets. It’s difficult for me to NOT purchase anything wooly!! heehee

Finally, my Katie’s high school graduation commencement was last night! Another milestone!


She’s such a goofball!!! Here’s Katie with her daddy.


You can’t miss her in a crowd!!

katie lady

…Katie and best friend Kaye!


What will I do next Fall when she’s off to college??? Have a great weekend!!

horse play [lots of love]

A nice day for a ride! Katie says it’s Nash’s turn!

nash_ katie

Nash has one speed: go go go!!!


ZOOOOOOOOMMMMM! A little power-house of a horse!!


This little guy is smoke’n!!!


Neo watching from the sidelines…


Pocket treats???

pocket treats

Neo wants ‘IN’ the pics!!




A couple of spoiled boyz!! Katie love!


Happy day!!